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  1. TFL compares 4xe, Bronco, and Defender on serious off-road trail

    You might be right, but I didn’t go past the door brasher (or whatever they called it) and that spot was super memorable to me as it’s the only trail I’ve dance since last November. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Trailer vs Seat delete

    This looks fantastic!! With an aluminium frame underneath, do you thing you could get away with something like 3/8?
  3. Colorado Camping

    I laughed out loud.
  4. TFL compares 4xe, Bronco, and Defender on serious off-road trail

    I did this trail a few months ago, but turned around at the first obstacle. I’m gonna have to try again when I’ve got better rocker protection. Interestingly, the part where they flex and the bronco lifted a wheel actually comes before the first obstacle. Odd they changed the order in editing...
  5. I have a $80k Wrangler and didn't even know it. What's your rig's final / current cost?

    If that's a true story, your wife sounds pretty cool. Yeah, but what's that costing you in addition to a progressive policy? Serious question as I think I could fandango myself into an USAA policy if I really wanted. I'm looking to add about $25k (half would be the pop top) and in the same...
  6. Vehicle leveling

    I'm often in unlevel camping spots and would love an easy, lightweight, and compact solution for leveling the vehicle. This seems promising, but 4.75 inches isn't much, even if I air down on the opposite side. I...
  7. Trailer vs Seat delete

    I would say necessities are shelter, food, and water. Luxuries are great and I'm not a stranger to wanting them... especially when they save time and allow me to enjoy more of the destination. My perspective might be different than others as I don't have kids, so it's easier to pack light...
  8. Who has taken their JL on a long road trip and what was your experience like?!

    The factory caster spec is ridiculous. I'm surprised Jeep doesn't get more shit for it, really. They put the same arms on the JLUR (with a 1" lift) as they do a Sport. Simple math says to maintain the same caster you'll need a longer arm... but what does Jeep do? They adjust the spec so they...
  9. Who has taken their JL on a long road trip and what was your experience like?!

    Pretty decent. I've done Maryland(purchased out of state) back home to Colorado, Denver to Zion NP, and Denver to Big Bend NP. I agree that my '20 JLUR drive like crap stock. When I first picked it up, it was nerve-racking to drive through the hills of West Virginia. Once I got the steering...
  10. Camp stove

    This is one of the best. I'd also recommend the single version burner. I love that it can run Petrol.
  11. Overlanding—Do I Just Leave Camp Set Up??

    Back when I've camped out of a tent I would leave the tent and air mattress up when I was staying in the area... but that wasn't frequently since I like to move around and see things. But the times I did, I never had any issues. It used to take me over an hour to get everything set up and...
  12. Pooping...the least talked about overlanding topic

    Pop a squat, finish up with a dog poo bag and a single paper towel sheet. Why make this so complicated?
  13. Trailer vs Seat delete

    I really feel like there's only a few types of "overlanders": 1) Those that are new to it and feel like they need to bring EVERYTHING and that it's the shit they bring that makes the trip. 2) Those that are more experienced, have their gear optimized, and bring just the right amount of stuff as...
  14. Colorado Camping

    Fun in like a, "I didn't know I could pay so much to throw up" kind of way?
  15. Colorado Camping

    Can you be any more specific? What are you looking for?
  16. No one will admit it, but here goes.....

    I got 8% below invoice, but I had to fly from Colorado to Maryland to get it. Flight was like $70 and the drive back was a nice road trip and got to visit 4 new National Parks. My fully loaded (except leather, steel bumpers, and color matching) JLUR was $46.8k.
  17. Official Denver Area Group

    Hi all, this has been pretty quiet, so I figured I’d throw out a time and place: Pole Hill Road, outside of Estes. August 15th at 9:30 am. Afterwards we can grab a burger and beer in Estes. Anyone down?
  18. Asking dealers to not apply dealership stickers / badges?

    Mine came with them when I picked it up. I asked them to take them off and they did.
  19. FCA Spyware

    Just because you consider that spyware, doesn’t mean that follows the conventional definition of spyware.