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  1. TFL compares 4xe, Bronco, and Defender on serious off-road trail

    Well what we all thought. Bronco lifting a tire due to IFS. Bronco works. It'll satisfy its customers, it is a good platform. People buy 4runners over Wranglers, they'll buy Broncos too. I am keeping my Jeep, and doubt I'll be getting a Bronco in the future. I don't like to have tires hanging...
  2. Big Bear offroading

    Yeah I agree. John Bull would be a stretch. We will do Gold Mountain and I'll have the winch ready just in case. Probably getting a front locker soon, but will be open for this particular trip.
  3. Rowher run saturday or Sunday morning

    Sunday works. We wont do anything nuts, we will just take the main trail which is a dirt road and go on the offshoots which give you a chance to build confidence. Plan for 2~3hrs. I'd like to start at 8 AM. I'll send you a PM.
  4. I'm thinking of trading to a Bronco

    I dont care what others say. My 2 door DOES NOT drive like that. That is not normal. I've driven both 4 door and 2 door, and in normal conditions, they both track THE SAME on the highway. The 2 door feels more responsive to input, which can make it less stable depending on your driving style...
  5. Big Bear offroading

    holcomb valley is nice. Ive done it too many times. it is too easy, we are looking for something more challenging.
  6. Big Bear offroading

    you're welcome to join. it'd be the weekend of Aug. 7
  7. Big Bear offroading

    we will give it a try then. I've heard mixed things about it. Some say it is fun and challenging, some say it is really difficult. I guess with all the built Jeeps and recovery gear we should be ok.
  8. Big Bear offroading

    Hi all, So I am going with a group to Big Bear in 2 weeks or so. We are looking for a challenge, a trail for Jeeps. A lot of the Jeeps are well built, a gladiator Rubicon on 37s, JKU rubi on 35s, a JLU rubi on 37s etc... some of us have winches too. My JL is not that built, it is on a sport...
  9. Locker Options for Sport

    theyre not THAT bad. My clutches are still good (knock on wood). But yeah, the LSD that Jeep uses is trashy. trash loc people call it. And in no way can it compare to an actual locker. Heck even BLD is better. LSD > OPEN DIFF BLD > LSD BLD + LSD > BLD LOCKER > ANYTHING LSD made sense back in...
  10. Rowher run saturday or Sunday morning

    Hi all, I am gonna do a Rowher run this weekend. Taking main trail to bouquet reservoir through all of the off-shoots. Doing it as a warm up, the weekend after next I am taking my sport on rubi suspension and 33s to gold mountain (wish me luck). Anyone who wants to come to Rowher let me know.
  11. Rear Suspension Squeak

    pretty much lol.
  12. I have a $80k Wrangler and didn't even know it. What's your rig's final / current cost?

    Yeah. Unfortunately consumers don't see this in the value of the Jeep. They see a JLUR worth about 53k. This is what you have spent on the Jeep, but not its market value. Jeeps are keepers.
  13. Rear Suspension Squeak

    Mine had the exact same issue when it was new. I took it offroading and it went away.
  14. Not impressed with my new Hi-Lift. What am I missing?

    Which should be required for anyone wheeling in the west coast during fire season. A small burning bush can quickly turn into an enormous wild fire.
  15. Jeep fail

    There is more to the picture than the 392. I am pretty glad I dont live between Mesa and Scottsdale.
  16. Not impressed with my new Hi-Lift. What am I missing?

    yeah. I am never getting one of those things. They look like a suicide device. And the pain of storing/carrying one around. nah. So many "dos and donts". so many things can go wrong. I just can't trust myself I would remember all of those on the trail. I rather invest my time,memory,learning on...
  17. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Man I miss Vermont. Lived there for 10 years. One of my best memories is watching the sunrise from a treestand in the Green Mountains. So cold and painful, but so peaceful. Life just slows down in VT.
  18. Jeep fail

    This post. And the entire dynamics of the thread changed. I wonder why?. lol. ;)
  19. Another ducking thread

    I like to duck pretty much anywhere and I am always in the mood for ducking. Wife not so much though.
  20. Thank You For Ducking Me...

    People leave rubber ducks at Jeeps they like. I've never seen it irl.