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  1. Washington Ocean Blue Freedom Panels with head liners

    just installed my sunrider & don't really have a lot of room to store these: local pickup only $1000
  2. 33s on Stock vs Lifted?

    sorry about the crappy images, but here's my daughter's '21 sport s stock & after swapping to 33's daily driver, no lift needed for crawling the malls :CWL:
  3. Alignment results: your interpretation, please

    I see mention of bump steer, but what, exactly is it? turns out I was mistaken & did NOT install a front relo bracket...still considering getting the sector shaft brace, but would like some input on this addition BEFORE I actually get & install it no, I have an adjustable track bar on front...
  4. Alignment results: your interpretation, please

    because I lifted the jeep...then decided might as well do an adjustable should I ever want to go higher
  5. Alignment results: your interpretation, please

    Alignment results: your interpretation, please Switched out the track bar and lower control arms in the front to adjustables also put the track bar relocation bracket on the front and rear as well as the track bar frame reinforcement on the rear. all of that on top of a rough country 2 1/2 inch...
  6. tell me what I just saw:

    just researched it & it will add about 10 inches to the height of your jeep
  7. tell me what I just saw:

    the solid back matches, but, if I'm not mistaken (traffic was starting to bottleneck at US2 in Everett), the jeep was a sarge green..but I could be wrong
  8. tell me what I just saw:

    driving up the freeway near Everett & saw a jeep with what appeared to be a custom hard top on it. it appeared as though it was some kind of a pop-up tent built into the top, much like some of the older VW's. is this a commercially manufactured product or was someone extremely busy making their...
  9. Washington Lights, lights and brackets: help me make room in my "to go on rig" pile

    Lets start with the easy (?) one & go from there: STEDI 22" ST4K Double row LED light bar Initially purchased this for mounting on the bull bar of my westin bumper as it was about the only size I could seem to fit (with the westin bull bar light brackets). no matter what I did (torque...
  10. Powder Coat Recommendations (Wa)

    Try Superior sole: I know the owner; he was also the one responsible for re-building the I5 bridge in Skagit a few years ago
  11. Value of Freedom Panels

    plan on getting the Bestop sunrider (just dragging my feet, hoping it will go on sale soon), and will most likely not go back to the freedom panels. what's a pair, painted, with head liners worth? sure don't plan on shipping them, hoping my panels will be about the cost of my sunrider
  12. what can I expect as far as battery life

    just got my iceco jp50 delivered today & wanted input from those of you who have this unit and still running the main/aux battery configuration that the JL comes with. in use, how long can I expect to be able to use this before I need to start worrying about charging my batteries? as of yet...
  13. Diesel springs, front only on JLUR 3.6 gas

    That’s always been my understanding, but looking at the spring chart, it lists a 667/667 combination for the front?
  14. Diesel springs, front only on JLUR 3.6 gas

    perfect: now for the correct number(s) .... from the spring matrix chart, with the exception of the sahara which looks like it runs a 666/667 combination, it APPEARS as though both the front springs are 667's....or is this going to throw the side to side lift off & best to use a 666/667...
  15. Diesel springs, front only on JLUR 3.6 gas

    so much squat that it wouldn't likely be overcome by the addition of my winch? ...just hoping that with my steel bumpers (that I neglected to mention...duh!) and winch, that the weight might be enough to remove any minor(?) squat attributed to the diesel front springs
  16. Diesel springs, front only on JLUR 3.6 gas

    Looking to eliminate the forward rake on my '20 JLUR & wondering if I put a set of springs from a diesel on the front if it would remove the rake without putting my JLUR into a "carolina squat" stance? got the rough country 2.5" spacer lift, but unlike some lifts that go more in the front to...
  17. 3.5” lift with 35” tires

    IMHO, my rubi doesn't look too "off" with 35's & a d.5" spacer lift....