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  1. Jeep Wrangler 4XE Annihilates Bronco 2.7L in Drag Race

    We race camels topped with robots, boats made of beer cans, and cockroaches. Is anyone really that upset or surprised that we race vehicles not specifically designed (the horror) for racing...
  2. Rubi Transmission Options for 40s, tons, and 5.38 gears

    100% agree. Might as well just build up a Sport S. Then you don't have to deal with trying to sell a bunch of take-offs and he doesn't have to absorb that cost in the first place. What's your definition of "pretty close" to a Rubicon's MSRP? This statement don't make no sense to me. I...
  3. Time to show your mpg shot. Post up what you get so other can know what to expect.

    @wibornz brother I have a whole thread on this! Spoiler: 17.8 mpg for a stock 2-door, manual transmission, 3.6L Rubicon with mixed driving...
  4. Jeep fail

    Tell us how you really feel Jenne! I skipped most of the TL;DR paragraph (I get enough of that from my wife) but I can’t say I disagree that some of the color choices are questionable. My Ocean Blue rubicon looks like a Buffalo Bills fan jeep because of the blue/red color scheme. But come...
  5. 4WP Jeep and Truck Fest Ontario, CA

    Damn. I’ll be at work all day tomorrow, like I was today. Y’all have fun!
  6. I forgot what our engine sounds like... but I don’t think this is it. Help? (3.6L)

    Good news! Glad it was fixed so easily for you. You say it sounded like my jeep in the video above? If I can’t pinpoint the sound with a stethoscope then it’s way easier to replace an idler pulley first before moving up to the relatively big ticket items 🤦‍♂️
  7. Car & Driver track tests 3.6L Wrangler vs. 2.7L and 2.3L Broncos

    I’d rather see ramp travel index numbers.
  8. This is weird Easter egg on a Rubicon

    Now there’s something that definitely would increase the cost of the jeep!
  9. Vacuum pump runs every time I press the brake pedal?

    Yep normal, it weirded me out too when I first got my jeep (2019).
  10. This is weird Easter egg on a Rubicon

    Oh, you’re the “actually” guy in the group aren’t you? “Actually, jeeps do cost money...”. Jesus christ man. To address the topic at hand, the JL has easter eggs like this because the people designing it actually gave a shit and had the freedom to build something special. This is something that...
  11. Mental Health Machine

    Shit yeah homie!
  12. I forgot what our engine sounds like... but I don’t think this is it. Help? (3.6L)

    Awesome! Did they say which pulley? An idler pulley or tensioner pulley? If they didn’t say, please ask!
  13. Snow Plowing with a 2020 Sahara (V6 Motor)

    damn it, I got here too late. Couldn’t pass this one up. “I think I've exhausted all the near by guys and that is making me want to plow myself. Frankly, if I could find a good guy I would not do this...”
  14. I forgot what our engine sounds like... but I don’t think this is it. Help? (3.6L)

    Awesome, I hope they find out what it is! Definitely keep us updated. I’ll update this thread too if my situation changes. I plan to keep running the jeep how it is and maybe eventually just replace the alternator. Wouldn’t be the first alternator I’ve replaced on a jeep. @mwilk012 I though...
  15. Wrangler as a daily driver?

    I DD my JLR but my commuting situation just drastically changed. I went from a 75-80 minutes per day commute with about 60 miles on the highway to a 3 minute, 1.5 mile commute. Consequently I now no longer have doors or top on my jeep for the last week.
  16. "Jeep Could Axe Diesel Engines By 2030, Will Try To Preserve V8s"

    Just to clarify for the people out there having cardiac events, he’s talking about Ford ditching the Powerstroke in the 1/2 ton F-series, not the HD trucks.
  17. FCA Spyware

    I assume this only applies to the 8.4” screen... can anyone confirm that the 5 and 7 inch screens don’t “phone home”?
  18. New Bronco has Hard Top Issues

    MIC top? Is that some kind of racial slur?