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  1. Is EVERYONE having the paint bubbling problems?

    Just picked mine up from the dealer this week after having hood and both pass doors painted. They did a good job. Paint looks great, but is ever so lightly a shade lighter. Honestly, the only way I can tell is while wearing my brown lens polarized sunglasses. They did tell me I was the last...
  2. Default volume for phone call and Android auto?

    Bumping this thread, has there been any resolve to this? We have Uconnect 7", and full aftermarket stereo that is very very loud. Phone calls come in at 15, and call audio is at 18. I have tried everything I have read to turn it down, with no success. Did this update work for anyone?
  3. 17x9.5 -18 offset

    Anyone have pics of how this stance looks with a 37x12.50? Thanks.
  4. Flashpaq vs Diablo I3

    Anyone have any first hand experience comparing these two tuners? I have had the flashpak on our JL for 3 years now, and while I do like the performance of the tunes, and setting options, SC is not the easiest to deal with when problems occur. Now, Diablo, owned by the same company, I have zero...
  5. Flashcal for 2nd Jeep...

    I know. Mainly looking for programmer right now for the JTR. On the fence about tuning this one.
  6. Flashcal for 2nd Jeep...

    I was fairly certain that was the answer, just wanted to verify. Not sure what route I'll go with the JT? JLUR runs great with 93 tune, and mpg on 37's with 513s is awesome. Will def be doing 513s on the JT, just not sure about tuning options right now. The superchip route was nothing but a...
  7. Flashcal for 2nd Jeep...

    I have a flashcal for our 18 JLUR, and just bought a 20 JTR. Can I change basic settings, tires, gears, etc. with the same device? Thanks.
  8. Gear swap before long road trip or wait?

    3.6. Depends on whether I'm drivin, or my wife, lol. On a 150 mile trip through back roads, I got 22.8, mostly driving 45-55. In town, around 18. Her in town, around 15.
  9. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Def take it to the dealer. My dealer told me it was a 5 year/100k, that obviously states differently. I am out of the 36 mos period as well on my 18, but they approved everything to be fixed.
  10. Alabama SOLD 2020 Gobi Rubicon - Loaded - $60k

    Still available?
  11. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    5 year/100k warranty on body, it's covered.
  12. Synergy Springs

    Synergy 3” springs w/37s. Thinking of adding a .5” spacer on the front? There’s some slight rake after settling.
  13. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    So I was told wrong by service guy that called and said they were replacing my hood. They are repainting it, and waiting for approval to do the door as well. The main body shop guy explained why this is happening and the process Chrysler uses to mate body parts and the way they are dipped.
  14. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Didn't want to point out the obvious, so thank you for doing that! Luckily, for ours, I ceramic coated it the first week I got it, and it's kept inside quite a bit.
  15. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    What worries me about that is the paint matching!!
  16. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I have to go back to get better pics of the hinge paint that is bubbling and re-submit, but sounds like they are open to correcting it as well.
  17. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Got the call from dealer today that Jeep is sending me a new painted hood. Was beyond surprised to get that news!!
  18. Incoming calls loud AF on Bluetooth...

    Uconnect 7, iPhone 10, and we cannot figure out how in the hell to turn the speaker volume down for incoming calls. I have tried turning down the volume as the call comes in on both Jeep, and phone. I’ve done it with the knob and the volume select on steering wheel. There are no adjustments on...
  19. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    took my 18 JLUR in today for bubbling in the same area as yours, and along the edge of the hood. They took pics and are sending it in. Said they’ve had a ton of jeeps coming in lately for this. Told me it should be no issue getting repaired.
  20. Is EVERYONE having the paint bubbling problems?

    Great!!! Going to run to the dealer tomm to see what they say. Sadly, I thinks it only 36 mos warranty from delivery right? My 36 mos was up 4/20!! Uggg.