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  1. "Guess what the Porsche Boxster and Cayman are being traded in for"

    I sold my 2013 Porsche C4S for a Grand Cherokee Diesel and then gave the GC to my wife and bought a JLU Rubicon.
  2. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    17 x 9, 315 70 R17 Goodyears on JLU Rubicon. No rubbing issues.
  3. Unable to order 2020 JLUR with V6.

    My company supplies all of the milling. cutter tools for the 3.6. Production is the same as it always was for one of the best engines ever designed and. built. These engines go into Maseratis and Alfa Romeos as well as Jeeps and Chryslers. Most of the engines are made at the Trenton (MI) engine...
  4. People that have gone from "sporty" rides to a Wrangler... be honest now... do you regret it?

    2013 911 C4S to Rubicon. No regrets. Still have a Ferrari 330GT, an MG-TC, and a Lotus Mk6 for fast-ish fun. The cost of ownership of the Porsche post-warranty eliminated any fondness for the car. My 7th Porsche and last German car. The problem with the Porsche id=s that a 30mph marked curve...
  5. Swaps - LS3 vs Hemi

    6 liter LS; stock. 420-450hp and 450 lbs/ft of torque.
  6. Indiana Rubicon wheels and tires, free delivery

    Will deliver to above states (Western PA and Michigan Lower Peninsula only). 5 Rubicon wheels and BFG KO2s, with TPMS and lug nuts. Less than 1000 miles. $1100.
  7. White Rubicon

    Gobi rack is being made for this.
  8. fifteen52 JL Rubicon @BeardedWrangler

    I LOOOOOVE this Jeep.
  9. Who has more than 1 Jeep ?

    JLU Rubicon; mine. WK2 Diesel Summit; wife's.
  10. Test drove a JL with the wandering issue

    My Rubicon wandered like crazy out of the showroom. Service said it was "within spec" I took it to a shop that knows what they are doing and it was wildly out of alignment from the factory, but "within spec". The spec is way too loose according to the shop. Shop realigned and it was much...
  11. What's New For 2020 Jeep Wrangler? (Engines, Exterior, Interior & Safety)

    Same, I got tired of waiting for the diesel and bought gas.
  12. What's New For 2020 Jeep Wrangler? (Engines, Exterior, Interior & Safety)

    That 2.0 engine is made in Trenton, MI and is used in other FCA products.