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  1. Anyone installed grill inserts?

    Has anyone installed grill inserts? I have a 2019 rubicon all modified and was thinking about red inserts to accent the red on my billet silver Jeep (candy apple red powder coated lift, shackles, inner fenders) etc.... not sure which brands are beat or is it best to have current inserts removed...
  2. Florida Rims and Tires for Sale

    Sorry, they sold. I am selling front and back bumper if interested $300.
  3. Drive shaft and geometry changes after lift and upsizing tires

    I am putting a 2.5inch lift and 37inch tires on 2019 JL Rubicon. Do I also need to make any changes to geometry and drive shaft or other components? Was gonna go with 35” but 37” as suggested for overall look. Any thoughts as feedback are appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Florida Rims and Tires for Sale

    2019 JL Rubicon 17-Inch x 7.5-Inch Polished Wheels w/Black Pockets Rims and LT285/70R17C BSW Off-Road Tires for sale in Tampa Florida. The TPMS are not available, all are brand new, less then 150 miles. Asking $1200 for all 5 rims and tires.0
  5. Led flood lights recommendation?

    Anyone have suggestions for flush mount LED front and rear bumper lights? I am installing road armor bumpers on my 2019 JL Rubicon and have been looking at lights. Rigid seems to be a very popular and high quality brand but they are very expensive. Was wondering if anyone could recommend a...
  6. Aftermarket Bumpers

    looling for front and back bumpers. Would really like to find a back bumper with a separate tire carrier. Was looking at all brands and thought I would go with DV8 Off Road but several others in the forum gave them a bad review (rust, chipped paint, etc). Does anyone have any input or thoughts...
  7. Hauk Bumpers for JL - feedback?

    does anyone have familiarity with Hauk Off Road bumpers (Predator Series) for 2019 JL. I love the look however I am concerned about the rear tire carrier. Looking at the images from their web site it seems as if the triangular design sticks up very high and when I have the roof off I don’t want...
  8. Review of Fab Four bumpers and half doors?

    I am looking at Fab Four front and back bumpers as well as the half doors. Their products look amazing but are obviously more expensive then others (DV8, Spider, Waren, Smitybilt). Does anyone have any experience or input with their products? Thanks, Art.
  9. Georgia Sold

    Will this accept the dv8 tire relocation mount or only the mopar? And will this fit in a 2019 rubicon 4-door JL
  10. Tire gate reinforcement

    I am adding 35” tires and wondering if the tailgate reinforcement bracket is necessary for a 2019 JL 4 door Rubicon. Was looking at the DV8 tire bracket for about $250. The mopar bracket and tire mount are nearly $800.
  11. Garage Hoist

    does anyone have any thoughts regarding a hardtop garage hoist system for 2018 Rubicon JL? If been searching all the familiar sites and was hoping someone in the forum may have feedback. The ones I am looking at currently are the Lange Originals 014-910 Power Hoist-a-Topfor 18-19 Jeep Wrangler...
  12. Tampa Florida Jeep Advice

    I am looking for a reputable company in the Tampa Bay region of Florida to do a customization for my new 2018 JL Rubicon. I have been searching the internet for reviews on local shops and was hoping someone would be able to provide me with information regarding a facility that not only does...
  13. Lift Kit suggestions

    I am looking at either the Rubicon Express 2.5 inch lift with monotube shocks or the Teraflex ST suspension kit. Any suggestions? I know Teraflex is highly regarded but nit sure about rubicon Express. Thanks.
  14. Headliner

    Does anyone have thoughts on factory headliner for Rubicon? Also, would anyone reccomed the safety package (parking, blindspot moniotoriing) if I am lifting the Jeep 3 inches and adding 35/37 inch tires with the spare. I heard that the spare of this size would require turing off the safety...
  15. Bumper recommendations?

    I am purchasing 2018 rubicon JL. The dealership has a Rubicon with all features I want but also has the factory added steel bumpers. I was looking into aftermarket bumpers for a more rugged look. I really don’t want to Lu the dealership $1300 for factory steel bumpers when I get better...
  16. Lift Options for 2018 4-Door Rubicon

    I am new to the forum and am grateful this exists. I am in the process of purchasing a 2018 Rubicon and have been looking at lift options. I viewed a current dealership that has several jeeps lifted using 4inch Skyjacker products, EVO brackets, and skyjacker steering stabilizers. My concern is...