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  1. Bent soft top rod due to stuck locking mechanism

    Did you do it with the top up or down?
  2. Bent soft top rod due to stuck locking mechanism

    Thanks! Just ordered the part from quadratec.
  3. Bent soft top rod due to stuck locking mechanism

    i got the same issue, and just ordered a replacement rod. Do you think it could be replaced with the soft top installed on the jeep?
  4. Bent premium soft top rod

    Can i do this repair (removing the broken piece attached to mechanism and replacing with new rod) while the soft top is still mounted on the jeep?
  5. Broken soft top lift arm assembly

    I have the same issue here.... need to remove the arm to replace it.... but very hard to pull out... and it's even seized (doesnt move at all, not even in unlocked position). Any help?
  6. Random temperature gauge spikes

    Technical issue here... over the past week, my temperature gauge has spiked twice (to the very top). The warning light litup on the dash too... In both cases, I was pushing the jeep at high RPM... However, as soon as I let-off the gas and let it coast for around 10-15 second, the temperature...
  7. Wheel Spacers for JL

    Will 1.75" spacers work with Mopar beadlock wheels? Will i have to shave the lug nuts or not? I've had the wheels mounted with 35s for about 6 months... looking for a more aggressive look. Thanks is advance for any feedback!
  8. Knock under driver floor board while decelerating

    yep, changed the differential case assembly Part 68401154AB However, i expect the sound to come back in a few hundred miles... as that is the exact part that was previously in the axle (which seems deffective in 2018 models)... at this point, an upgraded part for the newer models will be...
  9. Dual A-Pillar Light Mounts

    Hi! Any recommendation for dual mounts that might fit the below? Distance between the 2 mounting holes (if buttom support is removed) is 75 mm. Thanks
  10. Is anybody running the Rigid Ind. cowl light pod brackets?

    Hi! Any recommendations for a dual mount that fits the below pod? Thanks
  11. Which A-Pillar Cube mount?

    Hi, any idea if that mount will fit the below lights? Mounting points are 75mm apart, i think they might be too big. Any other mounts you might recommend? Thanks
  12. JL Vibrations

    In my case, it's a vibration at high speed... and more of a continuous clunk at low speed... when the dealer opened the differential, they found the oil to be murky... same as described in the cases in that thread... and i do recall couple of people indicated they had the same issue at high...
  13. JL Vibrations

    Read this
  14. Knock under driver floor board while decelerating

    dealership swapped the 35" tires to smaller size (stock)... went for a drive... noise was still there but less noticeable (As per the mechanic that test drove it). They opened the differential, found discoloration in the oil. They're changing it and giving it back to me to try it out...
  15. Knock under driver floor board while decelerating

    Hi Kathryn, Please check your private messages... Thanks Elie
  16. Knock under driver floor board while decelerating

    hahahahahaah if only it was that simple!
  17. JL Vibrations

    Yep, they come and go... please keep me posted... i am thinking to rotate the front tires, to see if the sound shifts... (but i doubt it) I've had alignment done before and after replacing the rims/tires... doubt it's an alignment issue... but let me know just in case ! Thanks
  18. Knock under driver floor board while decelerating

    Hey y'all Installed MOPAR 2" lift kit with Mopar Beadlock capable wheels... There is a knock coming from under/near the driver floor panel, it can be felt when i place my leg on the floor... can be heard also by passengers... However, it is only when decelerating, at around 50-60 mph... Took...
  19. JL Vibrations

    Hey! i drive a 2018 JLU sport and have the exact same issue. Started after installing MOPAR 2" lift kit at the dealer. (running Mopar Beadlock capable rims w/ 35" tires) Took it in for checking, spent a full day at the dealer, and they couldn't find a thing... Any information would help...