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  1. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    Heading to Ridgeway state park, Co. a few Jeeps ago.
  2. What do you call a Jeep Wrangler?

    My father is 97, he calls everything that resembles a box with wheels a jeep.
  3. Sahara Unlimited or Rubicon Unlimited

    Pick the vehicle that you know fits your needs. Then find one that you can honestly afford, and lastly one the wife likes
  4. Battery Replacement

    My gut says yes but your pocket book may say no for replacing both at the same time. Living in Texas its hot and heat is a battery killer. My JL is a 2018 also and I am replacing both very soon. Its true a bad battery draws down a good one, if you do any off road exploring the last thing you...
  5. My Jeep fire extinguisher saved a vehicle last weekend

    All my vehicles have one, you never know.
  6. 2020 Golden Eagle Edition Black and Tan

    Great job, I like it...
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed a Cool Tech extinguisher mount with a H3R fire extinguisher. Very easy install, no rattles.Had around $190.00 invested,
  8. Battery Stats

    Thanks Rhinebeck01, I think that info should do the trick.
  9. Battery replacement for 2018 Sahara

    The reason I am interested in what replacement batteries are used is simple. I like to dump factory batteries before they dump me. I find that generally a good after market battery is more reliable and less likely to die miles from any help. The primary battery type seems easy enough locate...
  10. Battery replacement for 2018 Sahara

    I'm having trouble locating what batteries are used for replacement in a 2018 JL. I know there are two, i have watched utube videos on how to locate and replace. Has anyone had to replace batteries yet? If so what did you use. Thanks.
  11. Body color matching bumper

    That looks good...
  12. Body color matching bumper

    A chair for every butt. That's kind of how I look at this vehicle with painted bumpers. Someone out there will buy it and think its fantastic. Just not my choice.
  13. 2018 JL batteries/ after market choice ?

    I want to replace both my factory batteries on my 2018 JL before there is a problem. they are over a year old and have been subjected to a lot of heat here in Texas. My questions are, is this something that can be done at home with basic tools? What are the battery sizes? If you have changed...
  14. Rubicon rims/tires on my 2019 Sahara

    I was going to say you won't be able to give the stock wheels away, but I guess I was wrong..
  15. Rubicon rims/tires on my 2019 Sahara

    I did the same with my 2018 Sahara, should have been an option from factory. Good luck selling your 18 in. take off tires and rims, I still have mine...
  16. Got the V41 recall work done

    Had my V-41 done this morning, took 30 min. and was installed correctly. My dealership even offered breakfast tacos and coffee while I waited. with all the negative feed back about poor, second rate dealers thought it would be good to post positive feed back for a good dealership visit. :like:
  17. Which wins - New or Old Wheels?

    It still looks good with the aftermarket wheels, I just prefer the stock wheels. didn't mean to be so blunt.
  18. Which wins - New or Old Wheels?

    The aftermarket wheels look like you just returned from the mall. the stock wheels look as if your ready for an off-road adventure. Just sayin'
  19. Ouray is Seriously Epic

    It's one of my favorites, I'm sure your Boston liked also..
  20. Death Wobble Fixed...for free???

    Location of the side intake bulge on the base cup must be positioned in the downward position. this is what is stated on the V41 service procedure. that's where it mounts closest to the wheel. My jeep is on the waiting list, when the job is completed I also will crawl under the vehicle to check...