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  1. Uhaul won't rent a trailer if you have a soft top Jeep?

    I just borrowed a buddies truck to pick up the trailer and then used the Jeep on the trip.
  2. Hulk -18 JLUR

    I’m only at 8k miles so I’m having a hard time justifying new tires yet. The plan was to do 35" tires, but now that I got almost 3" of lift... seems like 37s will look amazing. I’m either going to stay with Mopar and get their beadlocks or KMC XD229 Machete beadlocks and BFGoodrich KM3...
  3. Hulk -18 JLUR

    So far love it. Really didn’t change the ride quality at all. Only issue is the wife has a bigger jump getting in. We are considering the Roam rock/step rails...
  4. Rough cost estimate - Mopar 2" lift kit, installed?

    I just installed my kit last week. I got just under 3” of lift and that pushed my steering wheel off center to the left by ~20deg. But that is a super easy adjustment on a JL. It’s a simple clamp nut and hand adjustable collar on the drag link. I had access to a friends alignment rack and...
  5. Hulk -18 JLUR

    Just completed a home install of the 2” Mopar lift kit. Real world is a 2.75-3" lift on a 3.6L soft top (see pix below). Before: After: Lift at each wheel:
  6. DIY Metalcloak 3.5" Game Changer Lift Install and Review

    I went for the Mopar. $1200 out the door just fit my budget and peace of mind with potential warranty issues. Plan to install this weekend and then I’ll see if the adjustable front track bar is needed.
  7. Loving my ROAM frame-mounted side steps/rock sliders

    Great info. The ROAM logo doesn’t show in your profile pix, did you do anything to hide/mask it?
  8. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

    2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

  9. Giveaway of the Month - May 2019 - JL Wrangler True Dual Rate Lift Kit, Rocksport Edition

    Hulk needs to get bigger because there’s always a bigger rock to climb!