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  1. 2019 JL Rear Cargo Shelf

    ui Thank you so much for doing this :)
  2. 2019 JL Rear Cargo Shelf

  3. 2019 JL Rear Cargo Shelf

    Could you measure the bottom of the shelf to the floor? How much space is there? If you get a chance :)
  4. 2019 JL Rear Cargo Shelf

    Was thinking about this one. So expensive though :(
  5. 2019 JL Rear Cargo Shelf

    Looking for more options for a shelf to increase storage in the rear of a 2019 JL. Any suggestions? I want one high enough for putting a fridge below it.
  6. DIY winch bumper

    At first as I was scrolling, meh but once you did the raptor liner bedliner, I couldn't tell the difference between it and buying one :) Very well done!
  7. To CB or not to CB

    I did the same thing, but got the cooltech firestik antenna and mount.
  8. To CB or not to CB

    That too :) I just wanted to learn as well
  9. To CB or not to CB

    Eh, I like being legal and I learned a lot getting my HAM license....KN4WRO reporting!
  10. To CB or not to CB

    Don't forget you need a license.
  11. 2019 JL Rubicon - First Jeep

    CB Antenna installed
  12. North Carolina Roll Call

    I can't Sunday :(
  13. North Carolina Roll Call

    Ah! Ok, yeah it was hard to keep up with what was going on just reading the thread. We need a slack channel or something? :)
  14. North Carolina Roll Call

    Cool! Meet at Eldarado outpost?
  15. North Carolina Roll Call

    I'd be interested if its Aug 31st?
  16. North Carolina Roll Call

    I may have missed it. Is anyone going to Uwharrie and willing to do easy/moderate trails this Sat (Aug 31st)? I'm new :) PM me
  17. Uwharrie

    I've never been. So a stock Rubicon would be ok? I guess it depends on the trails. I've also never done trails before, so it would be my first ;)
  18. Seat covers

    Anyone installed the PRP with heated seats? Any issues?