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  1. JL Rock Rails Fayettville NC

    Can you meet me in Albert Lea MN? If he can take the rails to High Point NC, I can take them along for free in a couple of weeks.
  2. Sahara WTS - Factory AEV Front Bumper

    You need a price
  3. Cube mounting Light

    I also ordered a wireless remote control switch so didn't have to run anything inside the cab and poke any hole. Works very very well htps://
  4. Cube mounting Light

    I second Xpsruler
  5. JLUS RC 2.5 lift kit and final result

    You can go 35 on same wheels. 37 will be to much modification from stock, lots of things will change, gearing, mileage, etc
  6. TPMS Sensors

    I might not have followed you but, did you change your tires? And now the sensors don't work?
  7. JLUS RC 2.5 lift kit and final result

    Yes that's correct, I measured right at 50mph v cruise and had approx 2.5 to 3 mph difference on GPS app
  8. TPMS Sensors

  9. Good deal on Cooper 33" tires

    Check Walmart sale on 285/70/17
  10. Mastercraft Courser MXT- 37 inch for $224

    Walmart also has Cooper Maxx 285/70/17 for $171 each. These are 33" tires
  11. What pressure to run load range E tires

    I probably agree with you, I'd say 8500lbs truck vs 4300lbs of the JLU might be an issue for keeping pressure at or above 70lbs
  12. Why people is so worried about tire weight?

    The reason I assume most of us buying a 4x4 vehicle of high off road capacity like the new JL, is to use it also in off road use, where the need for taller, higher clearance and tougher tires is a must. If you need less weight and just city drive, get low profile tires and giant rims so you...
  13. What pressure to run load range E tires

    Even a truck, HD won't run smooth at 75psi, trust me , comfort takes a nosedive, but tires will last longer. I understand the Wrangler is a completely different issue, I was just wondering if the increased pressure would benefit wear and traction, which it does on highway on HD trucks. Also if...
  14. What pressure to run load range E tires

    How about running them at 70psi ? Is the ECM or PCM going to throw a code since TPMS is higher than OEM ?
  15. Why people is so worried about tire weight?

    I noticed many go crazy about tire weight between brands, why? To me if doesn't make sense the excuse the extra weight puts more strain on our and brakes. Are you kidding? At Max there's 40 lbs difference for same size. If the brakes cannot handle the "extra” load, it means we should take them...
  16. What pressure to run load range E tires

    Shop set pressure of my new KO2s at 36 psi. They're load range E, why not run them higher, besides being stiffer ?
  17. TPMS Sensors

    I bought tires at Discount Tire and they replaced the sensors for free.
  18. Dealership can now reprogram / calibrate speedometer and odometer for bigger tires

    I put 35s on my Sport and got 2.5 mph over. Not enough for me to justify recalibration cost. Also I bought tires at Discount tire and they replaced all 4 TPMS for free
  19. JLUS RC 2.5 lift kit and final result

    One more thing I forgot to mention. Speed is off approx 2.5 mph over, no need to have it recalibrated, it's a measure I can live with