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  1. 2022 model year changes- 4xe

    Or just recessed into the pocket so you could still see but they didn't "ruin" existing dash pocket mods (letting you cover over it even if so desired).
  2. 4xe shut down on highway with charge error - think I know what causes it now. That's my post detailing what happened in my case...
  3. 4xe shut down on highway with charge error - think I know what causes it now.

    I swapped my wheels and tires out for a new set off a 392 and on my way to the dealer to get the "clicking on turn" issue looked at, the sensors decided to cut out. Likely that they just hadn't properly synced up but I don't know yet. Hopefully I get her back today and can check that out as...
  4. 4xe shut down on highway with charge error - think I know what causes it now.

    I just mean that I wouldn't have faith in an ACC system to react quick enough to certain circumstances. Plus, relying on that system could lull someone into a more relaxed state and slow their reaction time if they had to intervene. Just my personal feeling.
  5. 4xe shut down on highway with charge error - think I know what causes it now.

    Interesting in that my recent power loss issue happened right after my TPMS warning light came on. Maybe there's a relation there and certain warnings cause a loss of electric power? I was in electric mode... lost power gradually slowing from 77 to 70 before it dropped out of electric and into...
  6. 4xe shut down on highway with charge error - think I know what causes it now.

    There's no way I'd trust any CC system in heavy traffic People are too unpredictable.
  7. TPMS question

    Yeah, that's the plan. They said the hubs are on backorder anyway, so I should be picking her up tomorrow regardless.
  8. TPMS question

    That's what i thought too. They worked as soon as I put the new wheels on, but stopped working on my way to the dealership for an unrelated issue. They just called to tell me that the front hubs need replacing (the unrelated issue) and that they couldnt reprogram the tpms sensors becuase they...
  9. TPMS question

    Are sensors not swappable? I bought Rubicon 392 takeoffs that still had the oem sensors in them, but after a couple days they stopped working and the dealer is telling me they cant program them for mine because they are set to a different vin.
  10. Looking for advice

    Thanks! Yes, definitely. You always have the electric side to pull on for extra power when needed. I drove from FL to Baltimore without charging the battery along the way and always had the electric side to count on when needing extra power.
  11. Looking for advice

    Try it out in different modes to see which you like the most and which feels better for you. For example, if you'd rather save the main battery for the stop and go portion of your commute, run it in eSave until you get to that point, then put it in electric or hybrid. To answer your question...
  12. Electric mode temporarily unavailable.

    So... this thread got quiet... is this still happening to you guys? Guess what! It just happened to me on my way to the dealer. Driving along at 77mph in electric mode then 76... 75... 74...73... I "gave it more gas" and nothing. All the way down to 70 mph then it dropped out of electric...
  13. Random Alert Chimes While Driving

    I don't think I've added any favorites to Sirius and only actually used it twice (though it's possible my wife did this while I was out of town on vacation). I'll have to check it out.
  14. Jeep fail

    Fixed that for you!
  15. Jeep fail

    Sounds about right! I'm dropping my Jeep off at Daytona DCJRF Monday and picker her up on Tuesday...
  16. Jeep fail

    Make enough to share!
  17. Jeep fail

    You aren't wrong. Some of their color/material choices are just bad even if most of us don't seem to care.
  18. 33's for my 4xe

    They are stock Mopar wheels off the Rubicon 392. I'm not sure what their offset is off hand.
  19. Jeep Wrangler 4xe 70-MPH Electric-Only Range Test

    I think it gives you a message on the dash when it goes into refresh mode, but no, I had just filled up the night before so it shouldnt have needed that. Plus I end up using the ICE every once in a while anyways (at least once a week).