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  1. Bad news for a Vegas SEMA reveal

    The huge sneak peeks and details already revealed here aren't enough? ;) I'm hoping we see something from SEMA too but I think it's gonna be LA auto show reveal after all. SEMA 2018 is gonna be insane tho with the amount of JL and JLU builds being showcased by Jeep and vendors.
  2. Update: 2018-2019 JL Wrangler Timeline Schedule (2DR JL & 2.0L Delay, Powertop & Diesel Dates, Etc)

    It was recently posted that JL production has been moved up and begins October 16. See - And they'll hit dealerships in January (after the 90 day...
  3. Top-down look at JL/JLU hard and soft tops, including power sliding top

    If that's a power slider top I really hope it doesn't bunch up like the Jeep Liberty Sky Glider did. Unattractive and will kill MPG acting like a sail.
  4. Weight of JL / JLU Wrangler?

    Curious what do you think they need to drop to and why?
  5. Weight of JL / JLU Wrangler?

    Update: here are the estimated weights of the JL and JLU Wrangler Unlimited
  6. JL or JLU, which will you choose?

    With waist sizes and car seat sizes ever expanding, I won't be surprised nor disappointed if the JLU ends up just a tiny bit wider. I don't mind a slightly bigger Wrangler especially if they manage to cut some weight.
  7. Will JL Wrangler (Rubicon) ride quality be better or worse on highway?

    Yep the F150 hasn't had a solid front axle since the late 70's. So if we're comparing... the JT should ride rougher than the F-150 because of solid axles and shorter wheelbase.
  8. Update: 2018-2019 JL Wrangler Timeline Schedule (2DR JL & 2.0L Delay, Powertop & Diesel Dates, Etc)

    I would think they'd launch with the "base" engine first (in this case the 3.6L like the timeline states) no? Would be weird to not offer a base engine until several months after the JL launches, like what would be happening with the Hurricane 2.0T not starting production until Feb-March 2018.
  9. Who's going to LA auto show? what will they show?

    If they reveal it at the show it will be during one of the media only days. Then they would have it there for all of the days the show is open to the public. That's how most of the new vehicle debuts are done at least.
  10. Unwrapped 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU from production plant!

    This is still gonna be the closest you get and the unwrapped JLU from the factory shows its very accurate. No surprise considering it's based on leaked internal images.
  11. Manley confirms Nov 28-29 LA show reveal and talks hybrid / electric Wrangler

    It'll be available for the public to see in person and walk around. No guarantees you can sit in it though since they sometimes lock vehicles at auto shows to prevent the public from destroying the interior and stealing shift knobs etc. But if it's locked you can usually ask a company...
  12. Tail Lights on 2018 Jeep Wrangler EXPOSED!

    Yea and the door handles will have Remote Proximity Keyless Entry feature too:
  13. Some good news for JL Wrangler diesel!

    Updated July 28 with news that FCA can resume sales of Diesel Jeeps and Rams in U.S. Via Bloomberg: Original post on July 6, 2017: Hopefully this is a good sign that the JL diesel is going to move forward without delay (whenver that may be)
  14. Spied 2-Door JL Wranglers, Hard & Soft Tops

    Here you go - enhanced to reveal what's in the shadow
  15. Our Latest 2019 Jeep JT Pickup Info and Preview Images

    Comparing the JTU and JLU prototypes, I wouldn't be surprised if only the JLU has the new body line. The JTU pickup seems to have less vertical body to work with. If you compare these two side by side you can tell the JLU has a taller side body below the windows. The different side mirror...
  16. Speculate about Adaptive Cruise Control

    As ACC systems have advanced they've increasingly been placed right behind the rear view mirror so Jeep would just have to place it there and we avoid the physical damage issue. Everything from Subaru to MINIs (among others) have it there now. As for changing the height of the vehicle and...
  17. JT Wrangler Truck Testing on Public Roads, Shows Spare Tire Mount

    The cutline between cab and bed looks angular in the aerial photo but more curved in these on-road pics. Hope it's not curved, that would look weird with the angular rear doors.
  18. Well RIP chances of Ecodiesel Wrangler.

    Right! This lawsuit is to fine FCA for all past violations. Even if it's successful, it wouldn't prevent the eco diesel from being certified properly and sold in the future, as long as FCA's fix satisfies the EPA for recertification. So I don't think this kills the diesel Wrangler.
  19. Half doors

    Would love to see MOPAR offer the Switchback cutout half doors or the clear half doors from the Safari Concept.
  20. Say hi to the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU

    Other cars that have a vent after the front wheels use it to optimize airflow around the wheel arches and improve aerodynamics. A lot of nasty pressure and air builds up in wheel wells.