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  1. Dealer license plate frames

    Exactly, but to add insult to injury, they used flat blade screws in the back and torx in the front.
  2. Dealer license plate frames

    I never understood that either. Maybe they think they're necessary? I was too lazy to take off dealer frames, at least that my excuse :)
  3. Dealer license plate frames

    I live in Maui but picked up my Jeep in Spokane WA. It has Montana plates. Will get Hawaii plates when I return.
  4. Dealer license plate frames

    I got my license plates today and went to install them. In the back, two flat head screws, one stripped. The front plates have two torx screw, one stripped. JLR has plastic bumpers because I'll upgrade. Dealer was A+ except for this super minor problem. Dealer frames went into the trash.
  5. JLR or JLUR height on 42's - max allowed is 6'3"

    Great info. I found another shipper that can go to 7' tall at no additional cost, so I should be good. I might go 38's, truss, RCV, Yukon chromoly rear shafts. Other tires I like are Nitto mud grapplers 37 and Toyo 37's. But they should be able to build it so it comes out max 7 feet tall. That...
  6. How to park a JLR

    They can't wait until I'm gone. 10 miles from Bill Gates house. Had a few things on the law with a free sign, they disappeared within hours. Double LOL, exactly what I did, used the FAD, blasted "Free Bird".
  7. How to park a JLR

    Static stress is negligible, it's dynamic load that breaks things. I idled up the rock with auto and 4:1 xfer case, ultra low stress. KOH is what breaks/bends things. Mine, I'm the bad neighbor. Selling the house so no one is complaining too much. My gardener complained, but don't they always?
  8. Why No Chains?

    Guess you've never been in deep snow. Even with front/rear lockers, deep snow, especially with an ice base, require chains.
  9. Why No Chains?

    I'm an old fart (60) from Montana , been doing it for over 50 years. Skinny tires and good chains are amazing in deep snow. Litebrite gets it totally wrong when she airs down in deep snow, her and the rest of the internet. Studs rule on ice, chains in deep snow. BTW, with studs, don't go over...
  10. How to park a JLR

    New JLR but too busy to go wheeling at the moment. My wife just told me, 4 different people asked her if it's OK to keep it parked like that. I hadn't though about it, any harm in leaving it parked like that for a few days? Yesterday
  11. Why No Chains?

    skinny tires and chains rule in deep snow. Litbrite aired down (making it worse) and got stuck, lol. It's one of those rules you ignore, like max 25 MPH in low range (even with 2.71 xfer case).
  12. E rated tires??

    After my 4th blowout acting like KOH on rocky logging roads, my mechanic said replace the C tires with E. Never had a flat after going to E.
  13. Dealer sent pic of my new muddy JLR

    White is mandatory for the Maui sun and black fenders look better scraped up than white.
  14. Dealer sent pic of my new muddy JLR

    Edgar the saleman was awesome. He picked me up from the bank and it was detailed and they did a good job. 15 miles on the clock. Tested front/rear/disconnect between walmart and costco That hill is much steeper than it looks. Was disappointed it crawled up in 2 WD. I had to gas it to spin :(
  15. Dealer sent pic of my new muddy JLR

    Click the build link on my profile or Hardly a mall crawler.
  16. Dealer sent pic of my new muddy JLR

    I'll be there Friday morning to pick it up. He's a young kid just starting out and probably doesn't know you're supposed to wait until it's washed before sending a pic. He was excited to tell me it just got off the train.
  17. Dealer sent pic of my new muddy JLR

    Having read many of the posts here I asked the dealer to not let anyone test drive it. He sent me this image as soon as it arrived at the dealership. Doesn't it look like it's been off road in at least water? Maybe that's normal. Lots of dust, must have been from the train ride. Dishman Dodge in...
  18. 37" tires on a 2 door JL...silly looking?

    Guess you won't like my proposed build, a JLR on 42's I'm going for hard-core crawling. asymmetric axles will break up the Tonka look
  19. Mixed tires on front & rear axles

    My tire of choice for the rear axles is the M/T Baja Pro XS 43X15R17 (42.3x18.3) in the rear and the skinny Wrangler MT/R 42X14.50R17 (41.8x14.7) on the front & spare. Planned for my JLR build. I bought a JLR because I need the best turning radius, approach & departure angle, and break-over...
  20. air pressure question

    See and edit to enter your 33" tires to see what you can do.