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  1. Hard Top 2dr - Black or Body Colored?

    Strictly look wise, I have always like the black top/fender look. However, looking at the 2 door, for some reason the painted top/fender looks better to me, not sure why, maybe it looks a little longer or something. My 4 door though, I think the black top/fender looks better with the contrast.
  2. Experience with 39” BFGoodrich KM3’s Mud Terrain Tires

    Thanks 4xnaz for the quick feedback! If that is the only piece that needs trimmed, that is not bad at all. Looking at the final result, seems like you trimmed off about 2" or so. I have the AAL inner liners and I think if I had to trim up further I would have to remove them and opt for something...
  3. front diff skid?

    Great, thanks Will!
  4. Experience with 39” BFGoodrich KM3’s Mud Terrain Tires

    So for everyone on these 39's I assume you need to trim the rear pinch seam for proper clearance? Mainly in the rear lower front/back area?
  5. front diff skid?

    Reviving as I just noticed the redesign. I specifically mentioned in another thread about the old design and backing up over obstacles. I am glad you have updated it though. For those of us with the old design, can we upgrade to the new design without having to purchase the cover again?
  6. Anybody running Ultimate Dana 60's yet?

    I might have missed it, but do you lose an inch of height on the UD60's like you do with the Dynatrac XD60 axles? Just trying to plan ahead with spring options.
  7. LOD shout-out!

    Just installed my rear Destroyer shorty bumper this weekend. Very well built, nice quality and craftsmanship. With 12 mounting points, this must be the strongest bumper on the market.
  8. Updated jl long arm lifts?

    Evo's frame brackets are also tucked.
  9. Savvy Magnaflow Built JL Axle Back Exhaust impression

    I made my own standoffs for the plate and bolted it into the cross brace with nutserts. However I moved it up to the spare tire because every time I leaned into the back of the jeep, I bent the plate. So I used the Motobilt spare tire license plate relocation kit. With this kit I killed two...
  10. Savvy Magnaflow Built JL Axle Back Exhaust impression
  11. Jumper cables: Need to buy some new ones. Recommendations?

    Some of the best I found These cost some coin but are custom made with the best wire and come in different lengths and sizes. I don't have a set of these but I did a complete re-wire on a restoration, I used a lot of his products...
  12. Loss of ground clearance with MC skid system?

    They had a month long sale at the 25% off I think. This month they have 19.41% off sale, still a good discount though.
  13. Loss of ground clearance with MC skid system?

    This is why I chose the Artec setup myself, plus it only added 10 lbs of weight over stock. It is a premium though, I bought it when they had the 25% off deal.
  14. Savvy Magnaflow Built JL Axle Back Exhaust impression

    Good deal! If you ever see an Punk'n jeep around this way, lifted a bit with 38's, throw me a wave or signal me to pull over :).. I did not even know about the Jeep&Truck show, I think sometimes I live under a rock..
  15. Savvy Magnaflow Built JL Axle Back Exhaust impression

    Not really sure why the AFE seems louder, they are just different mufflers producing different sounds I think. I am glad I went with the Savvy setup with the smaller muffler though for the clearance, plus it's pretty quite, so a win/win for me. Yes, it is a 3.6L. Thanks for adding your...
  16. Metalcloak’s front diff skid sneak peek

    FYI, It says in the instructions: "Note: Be sure to fill oil to manufacture specifications."
  17. PSC Motorsports has released Jeep JL upgraded steering systems

    I know a bit old, but: Any chance you can let us know what bracket you used there? Is it from PSC for the aftermarket D44?
  18. 2.5 or 3.5 lift with 37's?

    2.5" lift with 38's. 2.5 or 3.5 would be fine with 37's. I think Accutune is running 40's on a 2.5" lift with high lined fenders. You just need to bump stop it if needed. The 2.5 will keep the geometry a tad better. The 3.5 will get the belly up higher if dragging on rocks.
  19. Those of us without navigation

    The big one is the 8.4", which has built in Nav..
  20. Those of us without navigation

    Android auto has been around for some time, but it might be new to the JL/JT line up from the 2018 model and up. I purposely did not want the more expensive nav system in my jeep because of this, I use the android auto app on the 7" screen and works quite well. With Bluetooth and voice built in...