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  1. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    This is my first. A little understated, but that's what I was looking for.. Thank you Pixie Decals.
  2. The Jeep Wave and the Gladiator

    If it's a wrangler, I always wave and wave back in my Overland. :-)
  3. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Wow, I kinda like the reflection of the forest in the back window. That would make a great decal!
  4. LOL, My favorite convenience feature in my JL. Yours too?

    You guys are doing it wrong.....when you get out of the Jeep, lock it! After a few times they should get the message. :-)
  5. 2020 Jeep JL Model Year Waiting Club

    My XJ is going on it's 20th year and I was looking at the F150's when I got wind of the Gladiator. I'm leaning toward a white (in Florida) Overland. No BSG due to early models with fires especially since we have a stilt home and it will be parked underneath the house. Tan seats (hate the red...
  6. JL Hood Lock Bolt Vs MOPAR

    This is why I have a bolt hood lock on my JK. Theves open the unlocked hood and cut the horn. I have a locking gas cap too
  7. Report: Pentastar V6 may be replaced by inline turbo 6 cylinder engine

    WOW all this thrashing around. Is there any reason they couldn't turbo the 3.6 Pentastar?
  8. My Jeep JL rollover accident on the highway yesterday!

    Zactly, My new JT will have one both front & rear!
  9. Sport S vs Rubicon almost a wash on Price?

    Mama won't let me get a Mojito JP :-(
  10. Sport S vs Rubicon almost a wash on Price?

    All new Rubicons have the red dash. The only way to get the grey dash is to order the brown leather seat option.
  11. Backup camera relocated out of spare tire and into rear bumper

    You can also go over the top of the spare and use the wire routing for the third tail light.
  12. JL Highway RPMs and gas mileage

    Hey Mike We have a 2014 2dr Sahara (wife's Jeep) with very similar equipent. With combined driving, the wife gets around 24 mpg. I do well to get 20 mpg. We are both very happy with the Sahara and I'm saving every nickle for the 2018 JP Diesel Scrambler.
  13. JL Wrangler Unlimited Dimensions Measurements (Cargo, Trunk, Rear Seats)

    My Bad PHCN! How about it Jay, You have any info on the front seat dimensions?
  14. JL Wrangler Unlimited Dimensions Measurements (Cargo, Trunk, Rear Seats)

    C'mon man, we have to DRIVE the thing. What is the height from the drivers seat to the roof sill for entry and what is the drivers seat headroom. I'm 6'3" and the measurement is critical.
  15. First Live Photos of JL Wrangler Sport (with new US-spec bumper and close out cover)

    I'm with you Jeepster, I don't like the Rubbermaid/Playtex bumper either.
  16. JL vs JK Wrangler comparison parked side by side

    Copy that. I see it as a huge safety issue when driving in low light or fog conditions. They mark the width and give a visual clue how far away you really are. Anyone that has been nearly killed because those two little narrow fog lights make it appear that the jeep is farther away than it...

    I agree, it reminds me of the old Forestry Service Green used many years.