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  1. 33s on Stock vs Lifted?

    2018 Sport S Tires: 285/70R17 BFG KO2's Wheels: 17x9 w/ +1 offset 1.5" TeraFlex Spacer lift Tires and wheels installed before lift. On stock Sport suspension.
  2. camera cover

    The JL's have 2 different camera covers. One is for the Sport with steel wheels and the other is for the Sport S, Sahara, & Rubicon with aluminum wheels. The cover for the steel wheels is longer and will not fit with aluminum wheels. If you started with a Sport with steel wheels and put...
  3. Lifted Sport/Sahara with 33's

    1.5" TeraFlex spacers at all 4 corners Tires: 285/70R17 Wheels: 17x9 W/+1 offset
  4. Teraflex Sport ST1 1.5" Spacer Lift for JL 2dr

    Does that also go for offRoad ? My off-roading only consists easy fire roads & trails. Since I didn't change springs and shocks ride quality should be unchanged from stock. I do air down to soften the ride. Does it help when you load the back up with gear from drooping in the back ...
  5. Teraflex Sport ST1 1.5" Spacer Lift for JL 2dr

    I have the 1.5" TeraFlex spacer lift on my 2 door JL. Still running the stock sport shocks. The spacers did not make any difference in the ride. Be aware the 1.5" TeraFlex spacer kit includes 1" front spacers and 1.5" rear spacers. TeraFlex claims the 2 door sits high in the front and the kit...
  6. Looking at Fuel Shock wheels, need help with offset

    Sport S Wheels: Fuel 17 x 9 w/ +1 offset Tires BFG KO2's 285/70R17 Stock suspension, no lift, when this pic was taken
  7. Do I need to plug this with anything?

    I would refer this question to the professionals. Maybe @Discount Tire can review your situation and advise.
  8. Spacer Staking?

    I would recommend calling DayStar. I did the 1.5" TeraFlex spacer lift on my 2 door JL. When I received the kit, I noticed it included a 1" front spacer and a 1.5" rear spacer. I called TeraFlex and they told me the 2 door JL sits front end high from the factory. Mine sat perfectly level...
  9. Looking for Recommendations For Axle Re-Gear - Sacramento/No. California

    His customer service skills are a bit rough, but his price is more than fair and his work is excellent. He is a 1 man shop, so if he was fighting a rusted bolt when he answered your call... you get the picture.
  10. Rivet Gun for Bolt Hood Lock

    I used the Harbor Freight # 66422, 17 1/2 ". Less than $20. Worked great.
  11. Flickering PRNDM shifter light

    Blinking light is Morse Code. Your Jeep is talking to you.
  12. Looking for Recommendations For Axle Re-Gear - Sacramento/No. California

    Sean at River City Differentials in Rancho Cordova
  13. Best Dash Cam?

    For the power supply, I'm using the BlackVue Power Magic Pro that connects directly to the OBD port. Keeps camera powered during parking mode, but will turn off camera if battery voltage drops below your specified value. I have a Sport S, so no powered mirror.
  14. Best Dash Cam?

    I mounted my rearview camera just above the rearview mirror for full interior coverage during park mode.
  15. Best Dash Cam?

    I'm using BlackVue. I mounted it to the header just in front of reaview mirror. Camera mounting is not effected by windshield replacements, nor lowering the windshield. It would be a lot more noticeable if it was just stuck to the windshield.
  16. For those of you who had "MILES" on your new JP. Did you also have one of these on the window?

    My 2018 JL had the Quality Check sticker and about 40 miles on it when purchased. I felt privileged to be chosen for the extra quality checks. 27 months and 16000 miles later, no problems encountered. During my pre-delivery inspection at the dealership, first thing I did was pop the hood and...
  17. Which Hood Lock?

    I went with the Bolt hood lock. The big advantage with the Bolt Lock is you can remove the key in the unlocked position. Big advantage when leaving it for service. Mopar lock does not allow for key removal in the unlocked position.
  18. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Jeep Hat Trick outside the office today.
  19. Help please

    Trim the pieces you removed and replace to cover the rear of the fog lights. Here is what I did.
  20. Pictures of 2dr Sports with 33" tires and 1.5" lift?

    Just a heads up... If you go with the TerFlex 1.5" spacer kit for the 2 door JL, it comes with a 1" spacer for the front and a 1.5" spacer for the rear. TeraFlex claims the 2 door sits nose high so the kit levels it out. This was not so with my JL. It sat perfectly level on factory...