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  1. JL (2DR) 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon - Low miles + Accessories

    i was actually pretty shocked when Jeep told me 80% of their sales were 4 door automatics. Growing up I just always thought of a Jeep as a 2 door manual. I am not shit talking automatic drivers; drive whatever and however you want. I guess with improvements to automatic cars and the...
  2. JL (2DR) 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon - Low miles + Accessories

    thank i said, i am pretty upset to sell it but it won't be my only time owning a jeep. This was my first time having one and i have nothing negative to say. Did not have a single problem and Jeep was a pleasure to deal with compared to more high end companies
  3. JL (2DR) 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon - Low miles + Accessories

    Hi all, Its a sad day but I need to put my jeep up for sale. It was a 3rd car for us and we are moving and wont have the space for it. It was garage kept, battery charged, and always meticulously clean. Currently only has 4,626 miles Sting Ray Gray, 2 door manual with various tasteful...
  4. 6.5" woofer fits in pod!!

    i see ur in NY...are you having them build stuff for you, having it shipped to NY then getting it installed locally?
  5. 2 Door Subwoofer Enclosure Build

    is this flush in the cargo space or is it raised? are you doing this yourself or paying someone to do it? i would pay to have it made
  6. Jeep Wrangler JL Stock Sound System

    will do more research and let you know and you are prob right about the amp...i dont mind the aftermarket route, but looking stock is very important to me so i dont want anything visible...i would even be open to do aftermarket speakers but buy that sub, but jeep is making it seem like it is...
  7. Jeep Wrangler JL Stock Sound System

    i still want to semi-recreate the alpine audio since i regret not getting the upgrade...i found that buying the speakers from other dealers in parts is very cheap am i doing this wrong: on here...
  8. New Alpine JL Restyle i209-WRA video from CES

    i spoke to someone at alpine...the units are ready, but their screen manufacturer went under and they had to scramble to find a new case scenario is august for these
  9. Help - Secure Cargo Cover for JL Rubicon 2 Door

    i am planning on going on a road trip this summer with the JL and want something to secure the cargo space to accomplish a few things. I have removed the rear seats so i am assuming i have similar storage to a 4 door with its seats in. secure cargo space so I am not worried about people...
  10. Installing Sub in Cargo Floor - JL Rubicon 2dr

    yea i know its for the JK, but if the cargo size is the same, i wonder if i can still get it used? feel like it would be much cheaper to have someone put it in than make some custom enclosure in that space...i really dont want to sacrifice trunk space
  11. Installing Sub in Cargo Floor - JL Rubicon 2dr

    i have a JL 2dr Rubicon and did not opt for the Infotainment package and regret it...i want to upgrade to a more capable system but do not want to sacrifice the stock planning on doing the 8.4 inch upgrade eventually and wanted to change out the speakers i dont know too much about...
  12. FS: OEM auto-dim mirror

    Interested. Will send unprivate as well
  13. Upgrade Uconnect 7" to 8.4"?

    i would like to do this...i really regret not taking the upgrade on my rubicon, i didnt read into it and didnt see it included so much for 1500 i dont mind paying a premium to have it done right, upgrades with glitches drive me crazy...i just called jeep and they said they are working on making...
  14. OEM auto dimming rear view mirror

    im looking to do an OEM upgrade, if anyone does it please post here...have a rubicon but didnt do the upgrade
  15. Red Dash Trim Removal / Replacement

    here are some pics of a successful trim swap thanks to this forum...Pic18 was driving by my area and was nice enough to do all the work since I didn't trust if he sees this he can comment better on the difficulty... I'm very happy with the grey panels with my stingray grey exterior
  16. Anyone with red dash pieces want to trade...

    im down to in CT so not far...the main issue will be taking them out
  17. JLU (4DR) NC - Raleigh -Red Dash Panels

    hey...i will do cash on your end needed since i was planning on getting it painted