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  1. Jeep Gun Lock Box

    Trefflek, that is exactly what I do! Works great for me
  2. Jeep Gun Lock Box

    Op, you have just learned to never ask a legitimate question involving guns. Most people can’t resist jacking with you. I got a small metal handgun lock box that came with a cable. I locked it around my front seat supports to hold my extra gun when I leave the Jeep. I got a holster by Gibson...
  3. Battery conversion kit

    I have the genesis battery kit. Removing the little battery was a giant bitch. Not something you could easily do in a parking lot when your Jeep battery dies and leaves you stranded in a year or so after buying it.
  4. Iphone not automatically connecting to Uconnect

    I wouldn't think it would be different either. The jeep service department obviously doesn't know, lol. I hope someone on here can give me a solution.
  5. Iphone not automatically connecting to Uconnect

    I have a 19 jl rubicon with base radio. I connected my iPhone via Bluetooth, but it never stays connected after I turn off Jeep. I have to turn on jeep, press media, press select source, press my iPhone, then press play on my iPhone. If I do this too quickly, I have to repeat the process...
  6. What Audio upgrades for $500?

    If $500 is your budget, just get some wireless Bose headphones and turn your Jeep stereo off
  7. Electrical issues - Jeep freezes/dies in the middle of road

    Dude. I have a 19 rubicon Jl. That’s happened to me twice. Dealer couldn’t reproduce it, so I’m kinda out of luck. Bunch of bs that my 19 Wrangler with 2k miles has died on my 2 times
  8. upgraded suspension

    How will new track bar affect the ride or handling? I thought the only reason to replace the track bar is if you get a lift, you need the new track bar to center to tires. If you don’t do a lift, why replace the track bar?
  9. Newbie needs lift kit advice!

    Well, I like my mopar 2” lift. It gave me 3.5” lift after install.
  10. Stock Rubicon vs 2" Mopar lift

    My 19 rubicon got 3.75” lift and now settled to 3.5” lift as measured from fenders befit and after. I’m happy with lift. Ps. In Houston I had my mopar lift installed by mikes auto truck toys in Pasadena. I had to go back and tighten the hand tight bolts on the entire passenger side...
  11. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    For y’all that had your V41 recall done, (steering damper replaced). Did the dealership also flash your pcm? I replaced my steering damper way before the recall and my wandering issues and loose steering were unaffected. When I got the recall notice, I brought my 19jl rubicon to dealer...
  12. Jeep Jl Soft-top - Quick Question...

    I run all the time in sunrider position. My commute to work is 10 minutes on interstate and I have zero problems. And, I keep the back windows on
  13. V41 recall results

    181947cb inspect and reprograme IPC with sales code and 005 RPT 1(19-031:2019 jl Instrument panel cluster software flash thanks what my paperwork says
  14. V41 recall results

    Bronson, not sure if this will help you or not... for my steering on my 19jl I had same issues. I put aftermarket steering stabilizer and front track bar and didn’t notice any difference. For grins , I brought to my dealer. He flashed the pcm and display and now my Jl rubicon steering is...
  15. Climate control: hot or cold, but no in between

    To the op- my jl rubi is exactly the same. Very frustrating. Ps my f250 and Denali work perfectly, so presumably I understand how to work an “ auto” button. Lol
  16. Gibson Leatherwork's JL Fob Holster

    I have one. Excellent quality, durable, and stout. I can’t see how anything would break on this keyfob. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second on buying one.
  17. What Distinguishes A 2 Door From A 4 Door Buyer?

    Everyone knows 2door jeep owners have the biggest cahones .