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  1. Euro LED tail lights?

    Maybe a set of these would work on a US-spec JL?
  2. AEV at Overland Expo West

    Sadly no, the AEV guys were pretty tight-lipped about release dates for their products. Couldn't even get a straight answer out of the KC HiLiTES guys about JL / JT light bars other than the prototype that was on a white JLU at the show.
  3. AEV at Overland Expo West

    Was going through photos from this past weekend. Figured I'd post these two here. I know I've been waiting for AEV to bring wheels, snorkels and bumpers to market for the JL & JT. There were loads and loads to see. Was glad to talk with Brad (Trail Recon) and to say hello to Dan Grec (The Road...
  4. Jerry can or rotopax mounts.

    The camera should fit, however Im not 100% sure as I have to take a JL apart yet. I'm sure you could get creative with the camera mounting, seen a few brackets for the guys who have been early adopters for the tire carriers.
  5. Jerry can or rotopax mounts.

    Titan Trail Trekker gets my vote. They are a bit proud of their products as well, however its cheaper than say a new tire carrier bumper that can accommodate jerry cans (like Rock Hard 4x4). JL specific mounts that you won’t be able to take to the next model at probably $100 or more per-side...
  6. White 1-ton JL Build

    It is my understanding that the Eaton lockers that Dana installs in the 60s are plug and play. So its possible that either the original switches can be used to control the lockers or aftermarket ones depending on how the user wanted to set it up.
  7. Diesel Requiring Dana 60?

    Well, you could always throw some eight lug Dana 60s under it and call it good. :like:
  8. Diesel Requiring Dana 60?

    Half tons are running the C 235mm rear axle with a 3.55 ratio in the diesels.
  9. White 1-ton JL Build

    That’s a sexy Jeep right there. What gear ratio did you order these with?
  10. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    Not going custom, but I am keeping my old red Arizona plate. They stopped issuing stamped red plates back in the 90s, and you don't often see them any more. Its been on loads of vehicles, and really, having permanent registration is less paperwork to deal with, so I'll keep that as well.
  11. JL as an Overland Vehicle?

    @old8tora I suppose this is a wuss car also eh? Something tells me the tail lights cost more than your trailer.
  12. 2019 Diesel V6

    It is to my understanding that the diesel Wrangler will only be available in a four door due to the length of the transmission. On that note, sadly it means it will also be an automatic.
  13. Custom Order or Select from Inventory?

    I’ve ordered a number of different vehicles over the years and have been very happy with the results. I get at a price I’m willing to pay. I have no problem pitting dealers against each other to get the best deal. It took my about four months and many many emails back and forth to different...
  14. JL as an Overland Vehicle?

    I've had a few E classes and other than normal wear and tear on them, there wasn't any major issues. Throw in a few VWs and an Audi, no issues with German cars what so ever. Mind you, they were all diesel versions, but I don't think that really matters. I own an E350 currently, and I wouldn't...
  15. Firearm and knife collectors

    A few NFA weapons? Love German precision.
  16. JL as an Overland Vehicle?

    Now that is an ignorant statement. There is nothing wuss about a Unimog or even a G-Wagon for that matter. A quick search has reveled you love the word wuss and use it often to describe a great manner of things. To each their own… I bet you are the kind of Jeep owner who I wave at and get no...
  17. JL as an Overland Vehicle?

    Sound advice. My wife works for Iridium and thus we get the luxury of getting to play with real voice to voice satellite phones and even their wireless hotspot (even though its dialup slow). However, we've been in places where the Iridium aren't allowed. Politics... The Garmin inReach devices...
  18. JL as an Overland Vehicle?

    All in who you ask. I happen to know an Australian who took a TJ from Prudhoe Bay Alaska all the way down to Tierra del Fuego Argentina. Sold the Jeep and returned to Canada where he now has taken a JKU that he out fitted as an overland vehicle and all the lessens learned in the TJ trip. Shipped...
  19. Project: Mall Crawler

    Haters are going to hate. Its your Jeep, rock it however you want to. To each their own. While I personally wouldn’t do this to my Jeep, I can appreciate everyone’s opinion. I’m sure there are things I’ve done to my vehicles that others wouldn’t do to theirs. Some people like IPAs, some like...
  20. Overland build, "Smokey"

    Looking good thus far.