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  1. Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Revealed With 50 MPG-E, 375 Horsepower/470 LB-FT Torque!

    I think I need a better explanation of 50mpg-E. " MPGe rating is calculated by figuring out the number of miles a vehicle can go using the same energy content as a gallon of gas. The EPA calculates that 33.7 kilowatt-hours of electricity is the equivalent to one gallon of gas" Obviously it...
  2. My friends warned me...

    Let me detail your future being a first time Jeep owner 2 years ago... First came the little stuff as you've done: Tuffy security in console, dead pedal 3 weeks later a Newbie run tore off a couple differential bolts: Motobuilt diff covers 2 months later a friend broke his steering stabilizer...
  3. Is there any reason why I can't store my hardtop upside down?

    Who makes the cover? edit: Found it. Northstar. Looks like they do not recommend storing outside so not an option for me.
  4. Smittybilt Winch with Mopar Winchguard

    Pics? I already have that winch and am considering the same. So it doesn't interfere with the Clutch/Engage lever?
  5. Has anyone used the Warn power interrupt kit with a Smittybuilt X20 winch?

    Yes, realized that and ended up using the Warn Interrupt mounted on a bent electrical plate as mentioned in posts #98 and #100. Even painted mine Orange ;)
  6. Chrome parts?

    chrome don't get you home!
  7. Whats your tire pressure???

    Chalk test is absolutely the most accurate way to go. I upgraded to 35" BFG KO2's a while ago (2" lift), did a chalk test in 50F weather and 28psi was the optimal result. This test guarantees that your tires will wear evenly and that the full tread is contacting the pavement. google it.
  8. Max Tire size for 19 Rubicon NO LIFT

    35" BFG KO2's with no lift. No problem on the trails as you can see. I've since added a winch and some metalcloak skids so also put on the Teraflex 1.5" spacer lift to accommodate the weight.
  9. Jeep Gun Lock Box

    I have, and definitely recommend, the Tuffy center console which should hold a hand gun nicely. They don't allow hand guns up here in Canada, so it was pretty funny when the UPS guy delivered the product which had lots of gun pictures on the cover! Gave me a sideways look... I use it for...
  10. Giveaway of the Month - December 2019 - 2.5" or 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension, RockSport Edition

    Definitely need to upgrade my suspension and this fits in very well with my existing Metalcloak products: FAD skid, Oil pan skid and exhaust loop skid.
  11. Snatch Blocks - which to buy?

    Smittybilt makes great recovery products, and a lot less expensive. #1 on Amazon. I know, doesn't mean it's the best, however it's very solid, 17k lbs, saved me a...
  12. Rubicon with Teraflex Leveling kit installed

    I put on the Teraflex ST1 spacer kit which is 2" on front, 1.5" on rear, on 35's. No difference in ride quality that I can detect and have been off road many times. I have added Metalcloak skids and a winch to the font so wanted to offset the extra weight. Teraflex doesn't even recommend shock...
  13. Has anyone used the Warn power interrupt kit with a Smittybuilt X20 winch?

    Thanks! Installed the Warn Interrupt Kit with my Smittybilt X20 and wired to Aux 4. Positive reviews from my Jeep Club so thanks to everyone on this thread for making my life easier. Special props to @ghorman . It only took me 3 of those panels ($4 each) to get the holes in the right spot...
  14. Scrub radius

    So if I'm understanding all of this correctly, any lift won't affect the scrub radius, stock Rubi has 1" scrub, up to 3" should be fine. So with my 35" tires, if I go with Spidertrax 1.75" wheel spacers, all is good. (I also have a Teraflex 2" spacer lift but this should not affect the radius...
  15. AUX switch wiring for WARN Zeon winch

    Disconnect the battery terminal? Not sure I understand why if all you are doing is jumping a dead battery.
  16. Has anyone used the Warn power interrupt kit with a Smittybuilt X20 winch?

    I'm thinking about using an Aux switch directly to the winch motor to turn it on/off. Haven't figured out the wiring yet, but don't see the need for the Warn interrupt as isn't that just wiring a solenoid to another soleniod? (The controller on the x20 is a big solenoid already) Thoughts...
  17. One TPMS out - no reading

    I replaced the ties with 35's a long time ago, rotated then at least twice, then had a flat. Mechanic said rim leak and took it off and cleaned it out. Now my TPMS reads 47 no matter what! Actual is 33... wtf. Unfortunately a cheapie garage as it was the only one open on Sunday so likely...
  18. Offroading a brand new Rubicon

    Just use it! Had my 2018 Rubi for about 10 days before going off-road. The intention when I bought it was to try trails a couple times as it is my DD. Almost 10 months old now and..... replaced diff covers, added EVO skid plates, metalcloak FAD skid and steering stabilizer relocate (highly...
  19. Dual Top Owners - When do you switch to Soft Top?

    Still snowing here in Toronto although this weekend looks nice. Likely mid-April for me also. I do like the idea of having the sun rider top for the in-between months. Is it hard to disassemble when I want to put on the full soft top?