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  1. Drivers with automatic trans and 3.6L V6, any regrets on not getting the 2.0L Turbo?

    No Regrets, Before I ordered my 2019 JLR I drove the 2.0T and was impressed with the acceleration but wanted the 3.6 for the long run.
  2. 3.6 Sound at Idle

    I think it would, That's one of the reasons I installed one. As far as oil consumption the only amount lost is in the catch can. I change oil every 5,000 mi. and get about 6 - 8 oz. from the can.
  3. No Lift Off-Roading People

    So true !! Remember when Bob Chandler's Bigfoot had 40" tires and it was a monster truck !
  4. 3.6 Sound at Idle

    I run 0w40 Mobil 1 in my 3.6 with no issues, Also with ZDDP added for good measure. Yes I know my cats will live a short life. I keep my vehicles a long time so we will see what happens in the long run. Let the flames begin !!! :punch:
  5. Cracked Windshield Club

    Just got my 2nd. windshield at 11,400 mi. on 2019 JLR running down the interstate from Flagstaff,AZ. to DFW. Might let this one ride for a while I can't stand the thought of replacing again. I don't mind the cost with my low deductible its finding an installer that wont scratch the paint around...
  6. Does This Seem Normal (Steering Pull)

    I would not call that a steering pull, More like a drift. IMHO it looks more like a drift to the low side of the road. I would check tire pressure with a quality air pressure gauge and not rely on the onboard TPS. If you have a limited slip rear end a pressure difference of a few lbs. can...
  7. Where to place a PA system in a JLU?

    About the only place I found that it might possibly fit is behind my LOD Destroyer bumper & skid plate. Not the best location if your in deep water .
  8. CB hardwire question

    Here you go !
  9. Auto Transmission Coolers

    heamick said: ...I put a stacked trans cooler on my jl. it made no difference... ...the trans, has a thermostat internal, so no matter what we do the thermostat will control... One would have to get around that first, Possibly bypass that if possible. When...
  10. Auto Transmission Coolers

    I have had transmissions with remote coolers run at 175 and have a long life (over 200,000 mi. ) in many vehicles. I "think" heat is the enemy of any auto trans. fluid and I try to keep mine as cool as possible within reason. I'm sure the Allison could double this mileage without additional...
  11. CB hardwire question

    I believe Quadratec has a wiring harness for accessories that plugs into the cigarette lighter harness.
  12. Standard vs Heavy duty Factor 55 soft shackles

    With a minimum break strength of 39,000 lb. if you break that with your jeep please share the story with us. That would be interesting.
  13. HAM, CB, FRS, GMRS, Etc... what is your setup?

    I run a Cobra 25 WXT CB with added power if needed and Baofeng BF-F8HP also.
  14. Which winch should I buy

    Another vote for the Warn M8000, I've had one on a K-5 Blazer for years with hard use and never had any problems with it so that's what I went with on the JL. Had a Warn M12000 on a F-350 and kept having solenoid problems so I removed it and went with a Mile Marker Hydraulic 12,000 lb. . It...
  15. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Just curious, How many of you use a pressure washer like self service car washes or home units ? How many live in areas where road salt or beach driving could be a factor ? I'm mostly in Texas and Arizona and have not seen any of this so wondering if there is a connection. Either way Jeep...
  16. Auto Transmission Coolers

    I am interested as well, Have always used a remote cooler on older trucks with a remote spin on trans filter as well. On the older trans. a 20' or 30' deg. drop in temp. would double it's life span so they say .
  17. Moving Jeep While Door is Ajar - Trans Goes to Park???

    Just wondering if anyone knows how the 8sp. auto goes into park ? Is it an internal lock on the gearing or like the older autos with a pin to the flywheel teeth ? I figure someone will find out soon enough by winching in park with no brakes on or has this already happened ? What do you guys...
  18. What is the average age of a JL Rubicon owner

    First Jeep was a 1980 CJ5 with 304 and 4 sp. when I was 20, That started my life long addiction to 4 wheel drive. Countless K-5 Blazers, Broncos, Cherokees, Ford F-350's Power Wagon's Yea I'm old ,going on 60.
  19. Moving Jeep While Door is Ajar - Trans Goes to Park???

    Same here, Opened the door backing into a parking spot to check how close to the curb I was getting and it slammed into park. I thought - Great that was good on the trans parking pawl. Nothing like ripping park out of a new auto trans.
  20. Can you train your JLU's shift habits?

    Do some research on the forums, There are several threads on Surging. Mine only did it while I was in Houston, TX. for some reason and when I left that area the problem went away and has not happened again. Possible lean run condition at low speeds by a glichy Sensor who knows ? Even my dealer...