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  1. Bourbon talk...

    For daily I find myself (more times than not) reaching for Four Roses SB. It’s just so consistent. Good day: George T. Stagg. Best bottle current: probably Weller CYPB White
  2. Bourbon talk...

    What’s your favorite daily? Whats your best shelf bottle?
  3. New Jeep, new member and a mild build.

    BCalvin said: I had to take a break after doing the front, I thought it would be an easy 1 day deal. :) Im still sore. TWSS!!
  4. WTB Moab wheels

    Still need ^^
  5. Differential Oil

    Guys.... No need to remove the Diff covers for this simple fluid swap. Utilize the drain plugs. I recommend using some Thread Tape when reinstalling the drain plugs. IMO — dump the factory stuff at 2k mis. Then swap again at 20k, then every 20k following (obviously full synthetic)
  6. SuperChips FlashCal 3571 JL 2018-2020

    Unmarried, Just like new. Perfect condition—Box, cable and all original contents included. I’ll cover shipping costs within US. $190. PM if interested.
  7. Tazer JL - more than just a tire size programmer!

    Same as above. Updated and everything works perfectly.
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Added the Auxillary buttons to dash. (The only feature I neglected to order on my ‘20 JLUR)
  9. Most common ongoing issues: 2020 JL

    I had an ‘18 JLUR that I bought new and put 22,000 miles on before picking up a new 2020. Although the 2020 definitely feels like it has tighter/firmer steering, it could be the immediate contrast from a vehicle that’s been driven daily with some minor off-road use for 2yrs/22k mis, vs a...
  10. Grab Handles and Sky 1 Touch Top

    I may just do that, I still have mine from my JK too. Still looking for additional options, so please let me know if you hear or experience anything else that works.
  11. Grab Handles and Sky 1 Touch Top

    Swapped my ‘18 JLUR for a ‘20. This one has the the Sky one touch top. Would anyone with the Sky top mind making a recommendation as to preferred grab handles?
  12. Installing Mopar aux switches -- how much did it cost?

    Tackling this project this weekend. Thanks for the info.
  13. Dumping factory fill. What oil is everyone running?

    Amsoil Signature Series 0W20. Wix filter. First change happens at 1,000 miles.
  14. Tazer vs Flashcal vs other JL programmers

    Just upgraded from 2018 JLUR to a 2020 JLUR. Went with Tazer JL this time. (v11.1.4) Feature rich, works flawlessly.
  15. Jeep Wrangler Picture Game

    OK guys and gals, time to get this game rolling. Feel free to post questions but the rules are simple. The more people that get involved the more fun it will be, so lets see how long we can keep this rolling. Here are the rules for the Jeep Wrangler Picture Game: Name a place or thing to...
  16. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Just swapped my 2018 Billet Silver JLUR for a Sting Gray 2020 JLUR. Primary reason was for the color.