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  1. Jeep fail

    Here ya go: 6AC2 61R3 AD-001 and 6AC2 41R3 AA-001. If you do not have the leather package, the matching leather dash pad is: 6AC1 21R3 AC-001. Now we all know that Mopar changes their part numbers due to changes in vendors but these worked for my 20' JLR and I suspect if they supersede to...
  2. New Raptor Load Range C 37s?

    Looks like lots of fun in some really beautiful countryside!
  3. Looks like Edelbrock is getting closer to production.

    Thanks for the clarification. I knew the kit was the same for the 21's as for the 20's and they only fit the 3.6 non-etorque. However, I did not think through enough to realize that Edelbrock (as a manufacture) could not legally provide a tune until NMY emissions certification.
  4. Looks like Edelbrock is getting closer to production.

    Only on the 3.6 manual, does NOT work with etorque-wish Jeep would still let you chose a 3.6 auto without etroque.
  5. Jeep fail

    I love 2-doors...But if Jeep stuffed a Hellcat in any Wrangler, I would order as soon as the dealer could accept orders! Anyway, congrats on your 392! Looks great and I suspect you accessorize it beautifully!
  6. Jeep fail

    Go get em girl! And I was just hoping for a 392 2-door for Christmas... Agree on the red, I replaced my Rubi dash inserts with the black leather ones w/red stitching-big improvement IMO.
  7. Borla Touring Climber for 2-door 3.6...

    According to Borla it was shipping today! This is perfect as I wanted to install it before I install the Edelbrock Supercharger...
  8. Spring bowed on 2.5 inch RK lift Adventure Series 2

    Sadly, very typical of 'workmanship' (or is it now workwokepersonship?) of many shops and an excellent example why many of us choose to do our own work...I would suggest calling RK for a recommended installer (preferably one with an in house alignment rack) near you and paying them to look...
  9. Wrangler 392 negative camber issue

    Camber can be adjusted with offset upper ball joint camber sleeves...However the company that makes these sleeves in 6 different offsets-SPC, may have to retool as (at least on the ones I received) they have the expansion slot on the thin side of the sleeve and it should be on the thick side...
  10. 5.2” backspace with Lifts. Does it rub?

    I have been running a Mopar Frankenlift with 17"x8.5" / 5.2" backspace with Teraflex IR control arms and 315 KO2's with zero rubbing. Now going with 2.5" Metalcloak springs, longer shocks but switching to 37" KO2's and hopefully will still not rub (the 37x12.50's are not as wide as the 315's)
  11. $3,995 Xtreme Recon Package For Jeep JL Wrangler Unleashed at 2021 Chicago Auto Show

    I just drove my first (was not XR) 392...DAMM, that is one fun machine! I still prefer 2-door JL's and love my JLR, but that is the first 4-door that gave me goosebumps! (Will love my JLR even more in a few weeks when I find time to install the Edelbrock Supercharger!) Now If I had a say in...
  12. The sound of a Kinetic Rope failure. Damage and cost..... Plus photos of the wheeling and camping.

    Thank goodness everyone is ok, could have been so much worse! BTW, I hate mud! Well really, I just hate cleaning mud afterwards...
  13. "Jeep Could Axe Diesel Engines By 2030, Will Try To Preserve V8s"

    We can only hope and pray...and VOTE!
  14. 2022 Color Wish List

    Bikini Blue 392 XR...Two Door!! I would order one on the spot...
  15. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    Yes, SPC. I have been in contact with them, measured the sleeve, measured the opening in the knuckle-all within limits...BUT today I discovered the flaw in their design. (At least I am convinced this is the problem and sent them an email) The slit in the camber sleeve in SPC's design (at least...
  16. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    The reason I asked is some of the aftermarket camber sleeves will NOT tighten in the knuckle-even at 20 ft pounds over torque spec and will destroy knuckles.
  17. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    Was that on both sides or just one? Looks like that would be caused by the camber sleeve not being tight in the knuckle, could be caused by loose upper ball joint (nut not being torqued properly) or an ill-fitting camber sleeve. Were the upper ball joint sleeves OEM or aftermarket?
  18. Bought a new Jeep for my nephew!

    Nice! What's up with the emergency light bar below the windshield? Volunteer of some type?
  19. Ratio of Mechanical/performance upgrades vs cosmetic/practical upgrades - what’s your priority?

    I would guess about 75%+ performance / functional vs -25% comfort / convenience / ascetic. In any case, I spent many times my original 'upgrade budget'...
  20. Straight Pipes Branco Review - RIP JEEP!

    Yawn...Bronco does have some nice tech features (that we should have seen on the JL's from day one) but at the end of the day it's still just another IFS SUV. Jeep...The one and only. Still.