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  1. Service tire system.

    Ok cool. I’ll do that cause I got to get in and out Saturday. They are taking me in 730 first thing. I have an hour drive. They r usually great about getting me in and out.
  2. Service tire system.

    After a few stops today it did go away. So when I got Saturday should I say anything to them or is it worthless cause it went away. If it comes back obviously I will.
  3. Service tire system.

    I told my wife that. 15000 miles. Second set with be 35’s. So off to the dealer. I have an oil change Saturday and my one rear fox shock is squeaking I think. Sooooo
  4. Service tire system.

    Service tire system came up today while on highway. 3 tires no reading. Got worried to I went to sheets. Checked my air. All the same 35-36 lbs. so I think I’m ok there. Is there a fix I can try or do I just need to bring it into dealer? Thanks everyone. Jim
  5. Now It Gets Interesting. Tommy's Dad Purchased A Bronco With Sasquatch Package.

    Hey when you tube views keeps the lights on you got to do what you got to do.
  6. Gecko Color and Gorilla Glass Now on Wrangler Build & Price

    maybe that's how its suppose to be. . . part of the limited color palette. I am kidding. just in case.
  7. Gecko Color and Gorilla Glass Now on Wrangler Build & Price

    I don't mind my 2.0. I have no issues passing people who cruise in the passing lane on the highway! you all know who you are. . . lol seriously though. I have had no issues merging or speeding up or getting out of the way of someone on the road if need be. it has the needed pep for my daily...
  8. Wrangler as a daily driver?

    I drive about 100 miles a day from place to place. In and out of my Jeep all day. No issues. I drive a stock rubicon with a leveling kit. Love it. When on highway I don’t go over 70 cause I feel most comfortable that way. I will say the Jeep has slowed me down a bit on the highway. Lol.
  9. FCA Spyware

    My onstar does the same thing in my Tahoe. Every month. No big deal. It comes to my “good” email address. I never noticed it sending me spam email. I get zero span on that address cause very few businesses or people have it. I never signed up for guardian. Don’t get anything on my Jeep. I really...
  10. New Bronco has Hard Top Issues

    Nice. That makes it an error so it’s worth more like a baseball card?
  11. New Bronco has Hard Top Issues

    Ugliest truck on the road right now. They should be ashamed of it compared to the original. I so wanted this truck to be what it originally was. The 2 door I feel is nicer but still just so ugly compared to the past. There r a lot of them roaming my area right now. All soccer moms it looks. They...
  12. Drove The New Bronco Today

    That’s pretty cool you have been able to work on one a bit. A saw Baja designs has some pretty cool light setup already. Can I ask what you did on it?
  13. Drove The New Bronco Today

    That front license plate can’t be for real. No way. There is no way a sane person Would let that happen. I mean even with a zero iq it makes no sense there. None. Someone tell me a reason it’s that high. I still like the look of a Jeep better. Even more seeing it front on. The bronco...
  14. Drove The New Bronco Today

    sorry mistake. quote
  15. If you were going to buy a sporty car for your wife?

    my buddy sent me a pic of his new on a few months ago. grant it the picture was a year late. lol. he is wicked pleased. he was coming from a Nissan gto that was well over 150k. he said he had to give up a few options here and there to get it sooner. I guess chevy had aftermarket companies...
  16. New Item on my screen

    I know there is a setting for that along with what gear. the transmission is in. you access it through the cluster setup menu to turn it on and off. the update might have just turned it on. stat scrolling through the options and settings for the cluster
  17. Straight Pipes Branco Review - RIP JEEP!

    and again that is what you tube is all about. content doesn't matter. its all about the clicks. millennials love to click. got to give them something to click. so again. no reason to even watch it and add money to their pockets. like someone else said. bronco has been dead for years and...
  18. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    Back sweat nahhhh. Ass sweat. Ahhhhh maybe. Lol sorry I had to. I would just pressure the dealer to make it right. Especially if you have a decent relationship with them.
  19. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    I have sweat plenty of times on leather seats on other trucks and leather and never had an issue. Black also not lighter. When I was building my house there were days I got in soaked from doing brick in the sun all day with my dad and his buddy. Drove home. Nothing ever. If sweat did that This...