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  1. Jeep fail

    Can you give me the part number for the black leather W/Red Stitching? I think I would like to change the passenger side panel on our 2021 JL Rubicon in Nacho. The color clash is pretty shocking.
  2. Gecko Color and Gorilla Glass Now on Wrangler Build & Price

    My 2021 3.6 L eTorque BSG has: a 12 VDC primary starter battery, a Generator/Motor which replaced the Alternator and a 48 VDC Lithium battery mounted in the frame on the driver side in front of the rear axle which replaced the "motorcycle" 12 VDC battery of previous models. The 48 VDC battery...
  3. Car & Driver track tests 3.6L Wrangler vs. 2.7L and 2.3L Broncos

    I never even thought about quarter mile drag times or 0 - 60 MPH times when I ordered a 2021 Wrangler JL. I really do not anticipate taking it to the local drag strip or even racing stop light to stop light. It will be going 4 - 10 MPH on 4X4 trails in the Cascades and other places so I was...
  4. Washington Pro Comp Series 45 for Jeep Vehicles

    These Pro Comp Proxy Series 45 wheels will fit a wide variety of Jeep vehicles, see fitment chart in pictures. They are spec'd at 17 X 9 / 4.75 backspace / -8mm Offset. Lug pattern is 5 X 5 and they weigh 32 pounds. This offer is for five wheels. The center cap can be painted to match your...
  5. Super unleaded gas for 3.6 liter

    This website operated by Top Tier answers several issues raised in this thread. Also: Top Tier is an industry consortium organized to set standards.
  6. Super unleaded gas for 3.6 liter

    I have read in this thread the the terms; "rumors", and "some say" which to me are useless. why not do some fact finding?
  7. New Jeep From Factory

    DaveDude said: "Sign up for Tread Lightly for $100, and get at least 1% under invoice when you purchase. Good luck." This is good advice; be sure to join Tread Lightly in advance of starting the purchase so your certificate will be in your hand when you finalize the deal. From the Tread...
  8. wind blast

    Had this issue with our 2013 JK; greatly reduced the "wind pounding my ear" by installing side window air deflectors.
  9. What is the ONE Jeep Accessory every Jeep owner needs?

    The very first mod is to change the Key Fob! The OE fob is so big you can use it as a "deadman" if there is nothing else to get your winch line to. Check out these; there are others but I have M model four button and really like it.
  10. Hi, new guy here. Thought I’d share....

    Have you added or modified your Hiker Trailer? We have nearly 100 days in our 2020 5X8 Highway Deluxe.
  11. Who has taken their JL on a long road trip and what was your experience like?!

    Between April 5th and May 6th of this year we made an 6,400 mile loop on secondary roads and two lane highways from Washington through Montana to Lebanon, Kansas (center of the lower 48 states) then did trails in Colorado. spent 10 days in Moab on trails then camped our way though the sight...
  12. Rock Rail removal

    I think the "head" of the nut is on the other side. Can you get to the other side? I also removed the rails from my 2021 Rubicon and had no problem doing it. Are you working on a stock Rubicon or has it been modified in the past?
  13. New “Specialty” Jeeps

    More likely these Level2 chargers will be gone... level3 chargers are so much faster and Jeep will need them for the all battery Wranglers that will be smashing the trails of Moab...
  14. I'm Not OCD, But This Bugs Me

    If you are not into cutting factory body panels you could hide this pretty successfully with a can of black undercoating. It is pretty amazing how black blends with the other under body parts then is not noticed. Check the body pinch seam (behind the skid rail) it was very noticeable until...
  15. New “Specialty” Jeeps

    Just returned from a week in Moab; saw a Jeep sponsored Level 2 charger with a solar panel to off set some of the electrical costs. "...times, they are a changing..."
  16. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    I'm 50/50. Both factory FOBs came with our 2021 Rubicon; one RFID came out pretty quick and one was difficult.
  17. Finding bumpers, more difficult than I thought

    The Westin WJ2 is a pretty good bumper; we liked the look, it is winch ready (no extra parts needed) is a true bolt on to the factory mounting points. We used our 2021 Rubicon OE fog lamps as there is a mounting kit included. There are two traditional hooks and two shackle points plus the...
  18. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    Time for another view?
  19. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    Got notice today that our new M Series fobs are in the mail; should arrive next Wednesday. We won't be home to get them because we leave for Moab Monday. I am tempted to wait!
  20. PlugShare and CarPlay in the Wrangler 4XE.

    With eight years of EV experience I can say that PlugShare is the best APP for finding charging opportunities. Set up a free account, then use the filters to find only the type of connector (the 4xe takes an SAE J1772 type connector) and charge rate you want. Example, no need to "see" Tesla...