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  1. Sport Altitude black trim...missing?

    Inside of my Altitude
  2. Stranded and Towed to Dealer AGAIN

    First time ever today - got Electronic Start/Stops requires service in the dash display. It happened while I was driving though... Weird? I then parked, shut off and then it was fine after that. Still, called dealer (funny thing I could see my dealer down the street when this happened) -...
  3. Stuck on the road

    Thanks for taking the time to post all this - your fault or not - it's definitely helpful to others.. Hope things get fixed :fingerscrossed:
  4. Has anyone else been the victim of unprovoked road rage since having a Jeep

    Maybe it's your license plate? Are you a Therapist by profession and have a plate like THRAPST ?!?!
  5. New 2021 Horrible Experience. Does FCA Even Care?

    I'm in Canada and I only have like 8 USA cities to choose from :CWL:
  6. Spare Tire Cover OR Uncovered

    I like uncovered - but - The Mercedes ones for the rear spare that are glossy and match the paint are slick looking
  7. Would you buy another 2.0T? Why? Why not?

    I bought a luxury car last week - and becasue of the performance of my Jeep 2.0t I went for the 2.0t on the car too. I love turbo engines now. They're everything I need. My friend - also last week - went for a V10 in his new car :CWL: :rock: So it just depends on the person and their needs...
  8. New parts changing my mind

    I got really into the 'weight added' aspect of modding - convinced it would be worse somehow. However - I had to mod - for practical reasons. I could not do some of the roads/trails I wanted to do without a suspension lift. I needed a winch as I Jeep solo out in the wilderness. And I needed a...
  9. Reality Check for this Jeeper

    I just bought a new BMW last week - and I am amazed at how little community there is online with forums. Barely any activity - and most people just complaining about CarPlay. I get that Jeeps are more like Lego and you can build your own if you like - but... This forum has spoiled me and I...
  10. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    You lived to tell this story... Kudos... You'll never forget this Jeep :rock: And I heard that women love scars :like: (Even on Jeeps)
  11. ESS system and aftermarket headlights?

    Yes - mine does have 2 batteries: 2020 2.0 Turbo non e-torque Be careful what you believe from other people here: From the manual:
  12. 4xe faked for free parking on college campus

    Where I live they had to remove all free EV parking. Well, not remove. Now it's all pay parking. The energy is free - the parking space you need to pay for since people were just parking their car, hopping on the bus and going to work and picking up their charged car at the end of the day from...
  13. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    I bought my Jeep becasue we were given one as a rental in NY - and we both loved it so much (A big part of that is the experience up-state though too in it, going hiking, to the lakes) that I bought one within days of coming back to Canada. Jeep actually enhanced out relationship.
  14. Is a muffler skid really needed?

    First thing I damaged on my Jeep was my muffler on my first off-road adventure. Dented the hell out of it - came down so hard on it - 2 times in that trip (once in each direction) Plus it could have been ripped off. I haven't gone back on that road since - and I haven't hit it since getting...
  15. Thoughts on Jeep Life after 4 months

    Funny enough... After 7 months of loving my Wrangler (and I still do) I've been on the BMW site every day for a week now building cars... Wrangler has shown me that paying decently for a vehicle can make driving more fun. I'm going to try it with a car now too. I used to just see vehicles as...
  16. Dealer Cussed me out over Survey!

    👍 Bought two vehicles in the past 4 years from there - come away happy every time - same with booking TSB for my Jeep and one other issue (my fault) I phoned at 4pm in a panic and they took my Jeep in at 8am next morning check it out.
  17. Has anyone gotten their accessories stolen, when mounted OUTSIDE the Jeep?

    I'm just south of you. First thing I got was hood lock - my sales guy told me about a few jeeps having the battery cables cut to disable the alarm and people then able to take their time getting in and stealing stuff etc - or outright stealing the batteries. I see photos on this site of people...
  18. Dealer Cussed me out over Survey!

    Thanks for this - I wasn't aware of this site. Just looked up my dealer and 4.6/5 with 322 reviews. Falls in like with my experience - I'm going to leave a review there for them as my dealer's always been great to me.
  19. Dealer Cussed me out over Survey!

    Google reviews. ALWAYS leave a Google Review. Where I live - that's what businesses care about most. Whether anything comes of it or not... Still - has a good impact compared to internal review/survey.