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  1. Wireless CarPlay and charging products?

    It's actually how CarPlay and AndroidAuto work. If possible they will use the available GPS antenna from the vehicle. This is why aftermarket radios that don't have built in NAV, but support CarPlay and AndroidAuto, come with GPS antennas.
  2. 392 Dealership Programming for 37’s

    1st, you won't lose you warranty for using a programmer to change tire size. 2nd, it's been posted on here that most dealerships are no longer doing programming for tire size. Your best bet is to contact your dealer and ask.
  3. If a dealer has an allocation - then how long does it take to get a 392?

    A dealer needs an allocation to order a vehicle, whether it be for inventory or a customer sale order. So either way, the vehicle needs to be built and then delivered and the timeline is essentially the same.
  4. redline tuning hood struts

    It's like that on all installs. The rubber trim just sits on top of the bracket.
  5. Fender Flare Question

    You’ll need a programmer like a Tazer or the JScan app with a bypass cable and OBD adapter.
  6. Oracle Oculus Bi-LED problems with aim and levelling

    Some warranty. They couldn't even send you a return label? They at least did that much for me. I hope they do right by you, but be prepared for the "used" headlight excuse or anything else they throw your way to limit your refund amount.
  7. Oracle Oculus Bi-LED problems with aim and levelling

    Sorry to see/hear. Please post back if/how this gets resolved.
  8. Carpet on the back of the seat belt latch

    It's factory installed. I didn't have the dealer do any prep on my vehicle when I bought it. I believe it depends on the supply batch of the seatbelt buckle.
  9. Wireless CarPlay and charging products? These 2 are popular on here. Do a search and you'll find several threads about them.
  10. Leather Steering wheel cover?

    In that case check out:
  11. Hard top rear window blow out!

    It's crazy that it happens. There has been several posts on here about it.
  12. Leather Steering wheel cover?

    Not a good idea if you have a heated steering wheel.
  13. Radio interference coming from oracle halos

    Glad you found a fix. There's nothing wrong with running the ground to the battery.
  14. All weather floor mats, drain sticking up?

    Sorry, haven't done any. None locally around here.
  15. All weather floor mats, drain sticking up?

    Yes. Driven through snow and rain with zero issues. No issues with sprays from car wash either.
  16. What type of receiver hitch to tow uhaul trailer

    They consider a Jeep a convertible. They will not rent trailers to any convertible.
  17. Looking at buying a used 2018 JLU!

    Good point. Used vehicle prices are insanely high. That being said, new vehicle inventory is slim and the OP may not want to order new.
  18. Looking at buying a used 2018 JLU!

    It's surface rust on a vehicle from Michigan. 100% normal.