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  1. Thank You For Ducking Me...

    I've been ducked twice. Thanks to that, I was exposed to the facebook I'm fine with it, but these people were like "I don't own a Jeep, is it legal if I duck Jeeps?" "What if I own a renegade, can I still participate?" "I just spent $360 on ducks, gonna take a week of vacation...
  2. Trailer vs Seat delete

    Once the trailer is on F/R jacks, let the air out of the tires?
  3. Wrangler bumper interchangeable?

    The 8 bumper bolts do line up. Now, if there is a skid below...not likely.
  4. Time to show your mpg shot. Post up what you get so other can know what to expect.

    21 JLUR V6 8 speed 37x12.50 BFG KM 4.10 gears Not sure exact, but city is 14ish on short drives and the average climbs to 17-18 on highway. Reading this makes me want gears and I was fairly happy with the 4.10s and 37s.
  5. beadlock torque sticks

    Correct, it's much lower than the sticks I have seen. I may experiment with the drill clutch but I feel I would want to err on the side of light if I do that. As above...I'll deal with the torque wrench to be safe.
  6. beadlock torque sticks

    I meant on the rings. I know it tightens in stages...I would love if an earlier stage can save some time. Thanks to this thread I see some with more experience than me not wanting the option. Guess I have to put my laziness away. A set like this would all be much higher torque than the...
  7. beadlock torque sticks

    Is there such a thing? I just got DirtyLife wheels...I can only at a glance see high torque sticks. I would love to find the two stages I need for beadlocks...make life nice and easy. Is it too low of a torque setting to be reliable?
  8. Lift / suspension suggestions? Mopar vs AEV vs.. ?

    AEV comes with a bracket. That, and the Mopar LCA and I was dead nuts on castor.
  9. Lift / suspension suggestions? Mopar vs AEV vs.. ?

    I have the AEV with Mopar LCAs. Best of both worlds. I love it.
  10. Keyfob now 30% smaller!

    I got the smallest they had. The second I saw it, when it was preorder. I love it. Wouldn't complain about a step larger.
  11. A-hole Dealer on the Phone

    Do you "need" the car/jeep/truck? That's blood in the water for a lot of shitty salesmen. I almost walked from my last new purchase over a $200ish dollar change. They were like "you waited 4 months, don't you really really want this?" I said, "you changed terms, and yes...I want it at...
  12. Poop on 392

    I bet they would swap axles if there was a new sponsor. I am pretty sure they run coilovers and I saw Kevin complain AA didn't have an Atlas yet, what other option is there? But seriously, Your description of what they could do is pretty damn extreme and represents such a TINY percentage of...
  13. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Circling back here. I went black. The green was really close in the shade...but sun and it just wasn't right for me. It was closer than yours, I think you'll love the change.
  14. Poop on 392

    Not that far? I maybe have very little imagination...but what else can be added?
  15. Poop on 392

    I think it's great they are enjoying life like they are. Doesn't hurt me a bit and I have watched some of their videos. They need the bronco though. Their Jeep is FAR past what almost anyone gets to, it's a wish list of the best of (or at least top tier) everything essentially. Next step for...
  16. Thoughts on 35" (315) E rating vs C

    E will ride rougher, and not flex the sidewall as well when aired down. As to comparison on different pressures...pressures should be determined by contact patch, not so much comfort.
  17. Oops while taking door off

    No damage?? Just a different open and close feel? May have to try this. Did you leave the bolts in the door or elsewhere?
  18. Oops while taking door off

    I would love if I could push them in and leave them in so it saves a door removal and install step.
  19. Super unleaded gas for 3.6 liter

    Guys, this is more serious than OP intended. Carbon build up, you know how they tell how old a dinosaur bone is? Carbon dating. I came to learn that FCA filled my engine with the juice of dead dinosaurs! The carbon build up under the valve covers after running was horrible! ( used my saw to...