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  1. Best place to hide an Apple AirTag???

    This is the exact reason why I kept the Sirius Guardian service. My Jeep is always tracked. If they steal it I always have a shot at getting it back.
  2. My Top speed 2021 rubicon

    75 for me but I agree, too much can go wrong with that tall Jeep at those high speeds. You could sneeze and flip that sucker.
  3. Shifting Procedure for Four-Wheel Drive Operation

    I back out of the driveway, pull it right down into 4high, drive about the length of 5 cars, stop, pull the main stick shifter into neutral, go about an inch right with the 4w shifter then down to 4 low. Most times it just drops in but i have had to roll slightly a couple of time to align the...
  4. Mental Health Machine

    When I go up to the country house it’s 3hrs 20 mins. each way. Back when I had sports cars I would speed and try to cut as much time off of the trip as possible. Since being a Wrangler owner, no rush, windows down roof open. I usually cruise those beautiful farm roads (55 mph limit) in 4th gear...
  5. FCA Spyware

    I get “vehicle health reports” on my cell phone about once every couple of months. I kinda like it. If one of my tires has a slow leak while in my garage all week this service let’s me know the tire is going low. I’d rather that than find a flat 4:00 AM on a Saturday morning when I’m ready to...
  6. Forgot to push the engine off button. In Manhattan!

    That stupid feature would be the only thing I Wouldn't miss if I lost my Jeep.
  7. Forgot to push the engine off button. In Manhattan!

    I may not have an answer for my mistake but I learned stick on my dads trucks when I was a kid. Thats why I love them so much. I even drove 18 wheelers from 1982-88 before switching trades to a plumber. I usually do leave the Jeep in 1st when parked. i don't know how I did this. There is a...
  8. Forgot to push the engine off button. In Manhattan!

    Thanks for the good wishes guys. She had cancer and had to have a piece of pancreas, stomach, intestines and gall bladder removed. Thank God due to a stone in the bile duct they found this cancer really early. They're very optimistic about her survival chances. I was parked on 165th street right...
  9. Forgot to push the engine off button. In Manhattan!

    Wow what a dummy, and a lucky dummy. My wife had a procedure and is in a hospital in NYC. Thank God she’s on the mend. I go to visit her and was so giddy that I got a parking spot. I park, read the signs while in the Jeep and I guess pushing the off button on the auto air must’ve subconsciously...
  10. Mental Health Machine

    Yes, like you I haven’t enjoyed a vehicle like this since my teen years
  11. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Question

    Hahahaha I was just gonna tell the dude to look up Aldo98229. He’s our resident tire expert
  12. Dealer license plate frames

    I totally respect that thought process too my buddy.
  13. Dealer license plate frames

    But I am a dick….lmao Seriously though Morton, I disagree, here’s why. Maybe it’s because I live in the city, but you can throw a rock and hit a restaurant here. There’s so many that they have to make the experience/food good or they’re out. Dealerships? A) they’re limited B) I’ve already had...
  14. Dealer license plate frames

    That wouldn’t work here in NYC. The Meter Maids are like Vampires hiding out in doorways waiting to pounce. I’ve doubled parked or pulled into a meter spot just to run in a deli and grab a drink. You check down the sidewalk both ways. All clear. Come out 2 minutes later, BAM there already...
  15. Change FOB Battery ..... or risk....

    This is a problem for facilities like hospitals too. Not fobs but the modern sensor flushometers and sensor faucets. I’ve been doing more repairs where the batteries have leaked and destroyed the module inside the flushometer. Usually about a $450.00 repair.
  16. Dealer license plate frames

    It’s the law in NY
  17. Sky Touch roof......

    Nah these Jeep’s always look good. No matter the top. Even tube doors look nice.
  18. Jeep Teases All-Electric Wrangler "Freedom" BEV ⚡️

    Thanks Andy and Reinen. I guess if it were that easy someone would have done it already. I'll stick to plumbing.