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  1. Is the grill on the 392 the same as other JL wranglers or is it from the Gladiators?

    the center part is the same its the 3 outside parts that non rubicon owners have to buy . the 392 is a rubicon grill so all you need is the black satin grill part you end up reusing your center and outer grill molding and the honey comb grill insert that is from a JT. only other part that is...
  2. Throw over seat covers way too many to just link each one of them. but here is an easy list of them.
  3. Brand new JL pulling right when braking

    sounds like the brakes are off maybe the left front isn't working at all or is barely working. call the dealer in the morning and have it looked at.
  4. New JL, was this item free?

    you guys keep saying 12 pin its a 7 pin and 4 pin connector for the trailer tow package no idea why you keep saying 12.
  5. Constantly asked why didn't I get a 4 door!!!! Anyone else?

    i almost bought a 2 door till i saw the cargo room and was like holy crap that is small and the dealer was pushing me to a 4 door he had on the lot that MSRP was 44500 that he would give me for 38500 so i saved 6K and got 4 doors.
  6. Nevada WTB Damaged Soft Window Driver Side 2 Door

    its the windows its self that has the clip attached? here is a softtop search from bam it has pictures of the side window its listed as part 1. might take some time just click links till you find the right part...
  7. Nevada WTB Damaged Soft Window Driver Side 2 Door

    look on this site you might find the part for cheap like $20 or less if you goto the dealership they can give you the part number.
  8. Uconnect® abolute POS!! Stay away from it...

    my radio came broken it worked but if anyone called you you couldn't hear them. all it took was the dealer replacing it and now mine works just fine 2 1/2 year later. just tell them to replace it no fireware just replace it. if you have been in that many times the jeep is now a Lemon and you can...
  9. Nosey neighbor..

    just say you won in from a slot machine in Las Vegas you put in 5 nickels and hit the red white and blue 7's and won it.
  10. Oil filter after 91k miles

    Hemi no one puts an LS in a JL. LS swaps are so 2017 the Hemi Swap is basically plug n play.
  11. Current music in your Jeep?

    since my Sirius XM ran out i have been using Spotify for my music. got to love weezer
  12. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    there is a know problem with the front Diff on the JLs just crapping out shift into 4WD and see it is gets louder if it does have them take the front diff apart and look at the oil and gears i have seen pictures of brand new jeeps with teeth missing on the front gears and pinion. you do know...
  13. Anyone else have this under their dash?

    ok don't put it on a geese just duct tape to the bottom of a walmart truck and let them have fun following it all over the US.
  14. Do you have a basic radio in your JL?

    talk to a guy at a stereo shop and they will tell you what you need to do. there is an aftermarket box i forget its name that plugs into an aftermarket radio to receive input from the computers on your jeep to display stuff like trail pages climate controls aux switches etc. and yes as of 2018...
  15. Modifying the 3.0 Engine and Exhaust to Delete Emissions, and Boost Power

    sure modify a new engine so when it messes up you have no warranty great idea. and just so you know those so called delete kits that say they will increase your MPG don't. just do a little goggle search and you will see that its a scam. and of the 500,000 trucks that do this each year its like...
  16. Willys or Rubicon Wheels on Sport

    285 70 17s will fit with a 0 lift np. i have them on my sport but with 2-3 MPH error on your speedo. you can get 265 70 17 tires and those are 31s same as the 245 65 17s that are stock on a the sport. if you are looking at 285s just buy them do not buy rubicon take offs if they are asking for...

    i have the same snorkel and i am looking at these ones to buy that might fit.
  18. Upgrade to a JT?

    you need one of these if you want to haul something i bought one 15 years ago for my TJ and i still have it now for my JL. and they only cost $500 and less then 60 to register it in Nevada for 3 years.
  19. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    do like my mom when she totaled my dads 1970 dodge he told her to slow down when going over bridges she thought that ment slowing down from 75-55. he meant from 55 to about 35 because the bridges ice over she is from southern california the only snow she had seen was on TV. and Texas is nothing...
  20. How to install Rubicon take off suspension on Sport S

    harbor freight spring compressor cost like 30 bucks maybe less then 20 onsale looks like it will kill you but gets the job done.