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  1. California JLU Diesel Factory Suspension & Jeep Box - PRICE DROP

    I posted some pics of the spring tags with part numbers for you.
  2. Wind deflector for the Sky One-Touch Roof?

    So I tried the floor coving trick on my 50" light bar that was making the worst howling noise ever! Anything over 50 mph it was like a jet plane! I added two pieces on the top and that worked OK, the magic happened when I put the first piece on the bottom side. Like there isn't a peep coming...
  3. California Milestar Patagonia 37 x 12.50 x 17 - Set of 5

    For those of you in Orange County, if you're looking for a nice deal on a set of 37's, feel free to give Derek a call at America's Tire in Lake Forest. He's the store manager and was gracious to make the trade happen. I ran them for no more than 200 miles and then traded them in for 38's...
  4. California JLU Diesel Factory Suspension & Jeep Box - PRICE DROP

    This suspension is off of a daily driver 2020 JLU Diesel with 7K miles. My rig has not been off pavement yet so this set up is in really great shape. Asking $50. I also have the Jeep Box from the Mopar Lift for sale. Asking $50..
  5. California Milestar Patagonia MT 315/70/17 - Set of 5 - Only 3K Miles - $950

    In the next week or so I will be going up to 37's in the same tire. I highly recommend these, as they are the quitest and best riding tires I've owned on a truck. The spare tire hasn't hit the ground yet. I'm located in South Orange County. I bought these brand new from America's Tire in Lake...
  6. Cost to install Mopar 2" lift

    Anyone have any issues with the diesel kit and the spring bow issue?
  7. Diesel JL Club Thread

    I bought the mopar kit a few days ago. I just heard about the spring bowing issue. Did you hear about that and have you looked at your since the install? I’m hoping that was just an issue on the early JL kits.
  8. Damage to DEF Tank Supply Tube & Hose Mopar Part #52030405AC

    Yes, thank you so much for clarifying my generalities. I guess I do that when I'm not 100% confident in the information, so I think your detail will help someone better understand. PS - Looks like you are in Chandler. I used to oversee operations of the Snedigar Sports Complex and skate park...
  9. Damage to DEF Tank Supply Tube & Hose Mopar Part #52030405AC

    No not at all. I agree with everyone that had said there are way too many restrictions on these things. That muffler was like the last of like 3 mufflers. I wish I would have just not been lazy and put that thing back on the next day. Totally dumb on my part.
  10. Damage to DEF Tank Supply Tube & Hose Mopar Part #52030405AC

    I removed the last muffler on the diesel exhaust system, and because I didn't put a down pipe on it, the heat from the exhaust caused damage to the DEF Tank Supply Tube and Hose. I have a replacement on order, and is supposed to be overnighted to me tomorrow. Does anyone have a diagram of how...
  11. Electronic Throttle Control System Malfunction: Towed JLUR

    I too now have the dreaded ETC issue. I'm taking it in tomorrow. What a joke, I haven't even had this rig for a year and it was at the dealership for a month for the steering issue and now this.
  12. Diesel Lift Kits In Stock?

    Are there any lift kits available for the diesel that I can buy now and have it shipped next week?
  13. Texas Diabolical Slipstream Jeep Security Enclosure - JLU

    I'm interested, but I am in So Cal, so please let know if you would be interested in shipping.
  14. Metalcloak SportGate Tire carrier Opinions please

    The last legacy version said 37” tire max
  15. Metalcloak SportGate Tire carrier Opinions please

    This is the statement I received via email: “It was done more as a cosmetic to fit the tail gate tighter without gaps. The standoffs line up the same as the original version because they need to be offset to fit the tailgate correctly because of how the hinges and tailgate are shaped.“ In my...
  16. Metalcloak SportGate Tire carrier Opinions please

    Very very interesting! I’m contacting them now.
  17. Georgia Bestop Twill Sunrider for Hardtop & Spiderwebshade JLKINI-4D

    I’d love to take the J-Kini off your hands if you don’t sell the pair.