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  1. Turn on rock lights temporarily when unlocking the doors?

    Any relay or diode needed or just tap the red wire into the footwell lights and black to ground somewhere?
  2. Turn on rock lights temporarily when unlocking the doors?

    Will the lights underneath dim like the dome lights slowly dim or is it just on and off? I have a few amber KC cyclones that I plan on using just as courtesy lights when unlocking the doors.
  3. CB Radio Locations and Installs -- Post your Pictures

    I used a 5” top load Ram Mount track. Size B ball. Short arm and universal electronics mount on size B. I ran the coax under all of the carpet up behind the AC controls and Uconnect. Antenna mount is a CoolTech LLC with a 4’ FireStik. I may change the antenna mount to the bottom hinges if it...
  4. For those going with 37s, are you regearing??

    I recently, two weeks ago today, bought a 2018 JLU Rubicon with 11k miles. It already had a lift (2.5” is my guess?) and 37s. However, the dealership I bought it from didn’t know if it was regeared or not (surpise). I’m getting 18.7mpg on the tank I’m on now, with 93 octane. I see 8th gear in...