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  1. Considering ordering a Sport instead of Rubicon, and building it up. Here's why...

    I’d look in detail at all the differences between each model and see If you care about any. Lockers, SB disconnect, etc are obvious, but there are small differences you may (or may not) care about: - Bigger brakes - infotainment options - nicer interior options - USB ports for kiddos in back -...
  2. Full MSRP on new orders?

    Vroom offered me $37.5k for my 18 sport s ... basically what I paid for it. I thought, if I can get 10% off Msrp again, i’ll grab a 4xe ... everything on the lot are close to Msrp and they are selling. (Chicago area)
  3. Illinois JLUR Rock Rails/Sliders

    Hi. Are these still avail and can you share Illinois location? Thanks, Brad
  4. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    Yes, this weekend driving home in big crosswinds on the highway. Missed my 2015 535xi. But, cant wait for spring to get the top and doors off.
  5. Windshield Defroster Fix

    Problem solved ...
  6. Rubicon takeoff suspension install costs on JLUS

    Yep. They were fine but could have save $100 or so and a drive with a local mechanic we now use.
  7. New AEV Salta Wheels - JL?

    Rocks?!? Who’s driving a jeep with AEV wheels on the trails?!?
  8. Jeep Wave Double Standard

    I was all excited to read about different jeep wave oil changes at the dealership, 5qt vs 6qt. Guess I misread the title :)
  9. Which Oil Are You Using, And Why??

    Just saw this: $23 shipped for 12 quarts Kirkland Signature 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil 1-Quart, 12-pack,-12-pack.product.100691477.html
  10. Which Oil Are You Using, And Why??

    Better under tighten vs over tighten?!?!
  11. Which Oil Are You Using, And Why??

    I use whatever 6 quarts the dealer wants to put in my JL.
  12. Racor Hoist System

    I also used 1" PVC with pipe insulation abound it; zip tied it to the bottom of the rack to prevent any scratching of the top. ... clever. I think I’ll add this in the spring.
  13. had a boo boo today =(

    Body shops can work wonders on painted plastic. I’d look at marketplace to see if anyone is selling too.
  14. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    Thanks @CarbonSteel and @Rhinebeck01 !
  15. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    Any harm just using 75w-140 for both?
  16. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    I didn’t look through all the posts, but an easy job in garage / driveway. For LSD, you may need an additive though?
  17. Rubicon takeoff suspension install costs on JLUS

    I did use south Elgin. Another member here recommended them.