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  1. What’s your magic caster number?

    now you have me second guessing myself. I just use my alignment machine and it it’s set for positive is green and I set between .3-.5 now. I’ve watched the wheels go wider when doing this but I see what you’re saying too. brett
  2. Loving my ROAM frame-mounted side steps/rock sliders

    I haven't installed that one because it makes a good step but not great slider. We have found a local company that we’re going to go visit with and build a relationship with. After a phone conversation with them, Im very interested in carrying their product. brett
  3. emergency updates released by Apple on Friday

    Anything good in this update? What makes it an emergency? Read the link but don’t really understand what it’s saying brett
  4. Conroe, Spring, Woodlands and N Houston Area Chat!

    Since things are starting to go back to pre-rona (kinda) we’re looking at putting a meet up on the books next month or so in Conroe. My buddy John has offered to host and we’re working on more details. Just wanted to get this out on folks radar with more details coming. brett
  5. Rustyshakelfords 2021 Trip and current status

    We’re in the planning stages of our big trip for this year. We’ve made some changes to improve the family comfort and convenience this year that we’re excited about. Trip highlights are glacier national park to Sacramento, San Diego and then back home. Some of the stops along the way are in...
  6. Front Bumper: Artec Nighthawk vs Poison Spyder Bruizer - What am I missing?

    He nails it! I try to stay America made when possible and support those companies you listed. When the ownership changed, the quality suffered. I don’t have anything particularly against foreign made products as some of the Parts are impressive for the value you can get but with what level of...
  7. Front Bumper: Artec Nighthawk vs Poison Spyder Bruizer - What am I missing?

    With the changes in PS over the years I steer clear of them but that is a nice looking bumper. However, artec looks great as well and builds a terrific bumper. I don’t think you can go wrong with either so itll come down to personal preference. brett
  8. Who is using fox 3.0’s

    cant get any better than with some accutune shocks! They are our go to anytime we need high end custom shocks and they knock it out of the park everytime! brett
  9. Who is using fox 3.0’s

    Unless you’re literally racing your Jeep, i think the money could be spent elsewhere. they are an incredible product but think for DD the ride would be pretty rough. They are internal bypass shocks that are huge! brett
  10. Houston Texas Folks- Good Shop for lift needed

    I feel the same way about Chris and his team at Tank Customs. Check then out on the gram for their awesome builds they have been doing! brett
  11. Question regarding gear swaps - Yukon 4.88 gears?

    We’ve done nearly every tire/gear combo I can think of. The most common pair that everyone loves is 35s-4.88 37s-5.13 40s-5.38 Auto and 6 speed see little difference in overall performance between the different ratios. There is some but it’s minor overall. The auto has 8 gears to choose from...
  12. ROAM JL Extended Capacity Fuel Tank

    thats great! Glad they have plenty of resources to offer. When I installed it, everything was still in metric if I’m remembering right. Pretty cool product for those that need it! brett
  13. Anyone planning on regear their 392?

    I’d drive it first and go from there. With the power it puts out, it might be able to compensate fine and drive terrific brett
  14. 37” Tires on All Stock Rubicon?

    I ran 37s on my Jeep when I brought it home from the dealer until it could get in line for a lift. It’ll run the rear liners. I did have the mopar sim beadlocks which have a little more bs than the stocks though. With the 6 speed, I’d definitely get some new gears on the radar. Otherwise you’ll...
  15. Replace springs using just spring compressors?

    I can’t say never but at this point I’ve yet to use a spring compressor. They are bad news. Worst case drop the track bar. Besides that it’s shocks and sway bar end links. brett
  16. Teraflex Alpha HD Tire Carrier Doesn't Work for 2021

    It’s not all of the 21s. The jeeps equipped with the front camera has the updates rear camera. brett
  17. Would it make sense to add lockers/LSD to both axles of a JL Sport?

    Im not endorsing this particular site, it has the part numbers and you can purchase thru your dealer or whoever you see fit brett
  18. Would it make sense to add lockers/LSD to both axles of a JL Sport?

    Every take out rubicon axle set I’ve bought has come with brakes so that’s been a bonus. I have a full set of calipers and hoses sitting on the pallet rack waiting to be used. I encourage everyone we talk to to just start with the rubicon. Only exception would be a purpose built rig that will...
  19. Would it make sense to add lockers/LSD to both axles of a JL Sport?

    yes. If you have the aux switches, it makes it even simpler. However, Mopar has a simple two wire harness to activate them brett
  20. Would it make sense to add lockers/LSD to both axles of a JL Sport?

    My suggestion is install some rubicon take off axles with the 4.10s and lockers. They can be had for around 3500-4k. This would give you the wider axles, stronger shaft tubes, bigger r&p and 4.10s along with the lockers. I’m personally not big on regearing the sport axles as I don’t see it as a...