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  1. Icon Vehicle Dynamics

    You'll be a happy camper. The lift was the best mod I did to my JLUR. heads up, takes about a month to shake out. It was very stiff to start with.
  2. What is the average age of a JL Rubicon owner

    This is great. There are a lot of really smart and diligent people buying these things, most of whom have worked hard, managed well, and now play hard. Same situation as many above. 34 years old, 3 kids, wife, just bought a house. Bought the JLUR as a family fun adventure buggy (though I did...
  3. Need help Sahara or Rubicon

    Rubicon all the way. Better gearing, better off road, just as good on road, and you can get all the options on the Rubi that you can the Sahara.
  4. Billy’s Build: Rubi Two

    Icon stage 8 2.5”. Very happy. Tightened up the steering, rides and handles as good as or better than stock (taller, so a hair more top heavy, but much better geometry and spring rates, so better in every other way). If you don’t want to drop the cash on the stage 8, the stage 5 does all the...
  5. The Prospector

    I used Maximus-3’s rhino rack system, which had a static/dynamic load rating of 900lbs/300lbs. A bit more of a to do, but a solid system. Was very happy with it. You can see the interior mounts from the roof to the roll bar in the images.
  6. Billy’s Build: Rubi Two

    Did 37’s (km3’s)on stock rubi wheels. Ideal pressure was 28 cold. Any more and the vehicle felt like I was riding on a rail.
  7. The Prospector

    Had that exact winch in my jlur (coal fire build in this forum section). Works like a charm, even when frozen by upstate Ny winters. Don’t worry about taking it off, if you sell it the winch will most likely stay on. Good looking Jeep. Sure the rain gutter mounts will handle a static load of...
  8. Jeep involved accident

    That does seem quite low to fix all that. If the damage is >25% it will be deemed “salvage” which results in significant loss in value (real world used car dealer experience, the vehicle value is 50-60% of its value if otherwise not salvage). Two ways to do it: 1) sell it, cut your losses...
  9. My friends warned me...

    :jk:When I told my wife two years ago I was going to keep it stock...”who needs tires bigger than 33’s?” I said. :jk: she just laughed :):CWL: And when I said I wasn’t planning on doing...too many mods to my new truck :) same laugh. (Happy, loving laugh of course!)
  10. Chapter closing

    Only pictures I’ll post of the truck here :) Won’t effortlessly climb over everything, but it was a good trade. Already planning my next JL build a few years from now :) I’m thinking yellow or orange.
  11. Chapter closing

    Power seats are an improvement, and I’m able to get reasonably comfortable at 5’9”. If I was two inches taller I think it would be challenging. The transmission tuning is different for 2020, which is why I went with the new one rather than a deal on an outgoing 2019. Still has the same “meh”...
  12. What mod are you MOST proud of?! Pics welcome!!

    If you don’t have a side ladder, it’s 8 quick bolts. You leave the roof rack “sandwich” in place, and leave the roll bar mounting brackets in place. Then just remove the top as usual.
  13. Chapter closing

    The deed is done. Already miss it. My JL on 37’s has more pickup than the stock Tacoma :movember: . But, it’s a great truck, layout inside is similarly ready for adventure. Mods to come. Hate it that I’ll have to find somewhere else to share, you guys are pretty awesome.
  14. Chapter closing

    Yeah, looked at the zr2, but the interior doesn’t do it for me, and I’m jumping into a Toyota again so I can avoid trips to a dealership every other month... :)
  15. Chapter closing

    Thanks for all the well wishes. -yes, anyone can use any of my photos for any reason. -I had a 2016 Tacoma previously, and agree, loved everything except the transmission. Constantly shifting, narrow powerband. But, 1) Toyota reprogrammed for 2020, and while not as good as Jeep’s 8spd, is...
  16. Chapter closing

    After two years, tons of fun, and many good memories, I’ll be closing the chapter on my JLUR. Need a truck for the future, and my wife hates the Gladiator (not to mention all the “Jeep things”). Trading in my rig for a 2020 Tacoma TRD Pro. I’ve been around forums for about 15 years, and have...
  17. Pretty sure I've blown my Rubicon shocks. Are Falcon shocks the best?

    Really like my icons. Not sure if they make them for stock options. and do shocks not working cup your tires? That sounds like alignment issues. But I’m no mechanic, in over my head in that one
  18. Coal Fire, JLUR build

    A little springtime photography from upstate NY. Good time for social the woods.