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  1. TPMS question

    If you want to be sure the first time it's the best option. 😁
  2. TPMS question

    Depends. If the others don't work are you willing to tear it down and replace?
  3. Traction Off Road - 17x9 Friction Double Beadlocks

    Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in the Friction Double Beadlock system. If you have any questions feel free to let me know. 😎
  4. Heart Says Nitto Trail Grapplers s But Brain Says Toyo A/TIIIs

    Thank you for reporting back with pics. It will help others in the future. Your Jeep looks great.
  5. Help. Need Parts in Moab! Lol.

    Might try this Facebook group.
  6. Colorado FS: RK3.5 coils

    Still available.
  7. Opinion needed from pro differential guys

    I've been through this situation many times. Both professionally and as a consumer. The short answer is.... no way to tell. Without knowing exactly what happened you won't know how to fix it. Without all the pieces to the puzzle you won't find the truth about it. And the answers lie with...
  8. AMW HEMI swap!

  9. Opinion needed from pro differential guys

    You're going to have a difficult time getting an educated guess with just one piece to the puzzle. In a perfect world... you'd look at all pieces of the puzzle. Which sounds like that's what they are doing. If you could see the gear pattern after the "failure" and look at the remaining...
  10. Opinion needed from pro differential guys

    Any chance you have pics of the bearing? Did you see it? Are the same score markings on the bearings?
  11. AMW HEMI swap!

    More pics please! 😆
  12. Opinion needed from pro differential guys

    What brand of bearing are we looking at here?
  13. beadlock torque sticks

    Is that one ugga dugga or 2 ugga duggas? Edit: I'm a bigger fan of a torque wrench to know what's going on.
  14. Beadlock Recommendations

    Confirmed. These will work. I like it. 😎