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  1. More Competition For Wrangler (or Gladiator) Coming

    I'm guessing that the rear top is a JKU top.
  2. More Competition For Wrangler (or Gladiator) Coming

    Scion prototype spotted: j/k
  3. Stripped Tire Carrier Bolts

    Buy larger diameter bolts and tap the door for the larger diameter?
  4. Mopar Tube Door Rattle Fix

    Thanks for the "write-up"; I may have to try this on my cheap eBay tube doors. Do you have any details on the rubber bumpers? Also, all-thread might be cheaper/ easier than screws.
  5. How to install this Mesh top?

    You probably need to unbolt the windshield, lean it forward(or all of the way down) and then wrap the bungees around the front bar.
  6. Another SiriusXM-Guardian Question

    Guardian services are separate from the radio subscription. Also: if you call one service (they have different numbers), they don't seem to know the other exists.
  7. Washboard Road

    What are your tires PSI? I live on a dirt road and set my tires to 30 PSI. The door's recommended 37 (& delivered 41), was way too harsh.
  8. heat resistant mounting tape

    Maybe, use the tape with a dab of silicone adhesive (leave a section with no tape, so the surfaces are adhered together).
  9. CD player that works through a USB Port

    Looks like this one:
  10. New JL Jeep Owner - Confused on Grille Replacement

    Yeah, they look the same, but are definitely different.
  11. Soft top Boot
  12. Moving Jeep While Door is Ajar - Trans Goes to Park???

    It's a "safety feature" called auto park. So you don't run over yourself.
  13. Wrangler / Rubicon fitting into the garage question

    Air down for loose sand/ air down to park in garage.:like:
  14. Hammerhead Trail Doors

    They look nice and the price is decent (free shipping), but some of the gaps are off.
  15. Non standard uses for AUX switches

    This reminds of a friend in high school, who mounted spotlights in his rear window, on a switch (for tailgaters). It didn't go over very well when a state trooper (NJ) came up behind him.
  16. Changes To Jeep Wave Membership [Clarification: Only Discounts on Jeep Merchandise Cancelled]

    Not everyone has multiple dealership options in their area. My local dealer has been incompetent on several occasions and I won't be returning. The next closest Jeep (Chrysler) dealer is 73 miles away, from my home.