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  1. My new rear seat release

    Add me to the list of passenger side (big seat) broken latches on 18 JLU Sport. Owned since Oct. 12,800 miles. Only have had seat down a few times. Tried to put down yesterday when moving daughter to apartment and the lever did nothing. (Broken cable inside maybe). A bit inconvenient as we...
  2. How to secure items if you don’t have a security deck

    LOL, I love the alarm idea. Where did you get that? Is it like one of those you'd put on a window at home, where it if opens, it sets off an alarm?
  3. Doors off and thieves

    Thinking of buying this Tuffy Tailgate lockbox. Think it's easily pryable? It looks like of chinky from the photos. I live in a fairly "safe" area but you never know, of course. Would you trust something like a laptop or purse in there, when you were out and about?
  4. Topless with doors off, concerns.

    Worse than with them on but better than a motorcycle accident I suppose.
  5. New JL is a POS

    Prior to purchasing my 2018 JLU Sport in October, I had a 2016 Jeep Cherokee...with nothing but problems. Almost 10,000 mi on the JL and it's been problem-free. Sorry you're having issues. I love mine!