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  1. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    these vehicles are beast.....They will go anywhere!
  2. What fenders are these?

    I don't know but I like them.....
  3. what to use to clean engine bay

    I am going out with a group again Sunday....So, Monday will be engine bay clean up day along with rest of Jeep lmao
  4. what to use to clean engine bay

    Thks everyone for your comments.....I am going again sunday so maybe Monday it will be engine bay clean up day ;)
  5. what to use to clean engine bay

    ok, might sound like weird question but what does everyone use to get all the muddy water and mud stains out of the engine bay. Want it to be clean again :)
  6. Switch Bank

    Has anyone got a aftermarket switch bank and installed it in your JL ???? If so would like to see pics or vids you may have of the install. I did not get the Mopar bank in my jeep build for some reason. Its a JLUR also..crazy..
  7. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    Has anyone gotten the Rockstar white inlet wheels....would love to see a pic of that.....I have 2018 JLUR and would love to go Rockstar white with 35's

    I am looking to trade my White Hard top for Premium Soft Top......I live in Florida and just don't have a need for hard top. I tried to get dealer to do it at time of purchase but it was a no go..... It's a 2018 JLUR 4 door
  9. Weathertech Floor Liners

    here are mine....I thought they look good...
  10. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    Anchors Away for me.....Retired Navy guy :)
  11. Soft top to buy or trade

    I have had the same Idea.....I live in FLorida ...don't need a hard top
  12. Received Free Mopar Jeep JL Touch Up Paint

    I have not gotten mine yet :(
  13. JLWF / Tazer Z-Automotive Giveaway: Tazer Programmer For Jeep Wrangler JL

    Count me in...I would love to have this product.
  14. Outside heat in floor board

    I just went on a trip from Tampa FL to Va Beach VA and I experienced the same thing. The ac did not stop blowing cold air, However, the warm air came from under the dash and floor board. Not continuously it seem just now and then. My wife kept asking where the hot air was coming from. I had no...
  15. Did anyone received their soft top yet?

    I got mine 4/20 and I did not get a soft top free in my JLUR....wth lmao
  16. How comfortable are the seats in JLU Sport?

    I have the leather seats in my Rubicon and I love them.....I just got back from 15.5 hour drive from ocean city MD to Tampa FL....and it it was comfortable.
  17. Dealer Logos / Decals on your JL

    I had mine taken off....They don't pay you to advertise for them. They don't give you rebate for advertising. So off they came.
  18. Question about doors coming off frequently

    I took the bottom bolts out and put in the holder in the back of the jeep.....They will stay off....The door stop will hold door secure along with the straps.