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  1. Top 10 reasons I’d trade my Jeep for a Bronco

    Somebody get this man a taco stat!
  2. Asking dealers to not apply dealership stickers / badges?

    It’s your car, that you are spending a lot of money to buy. It’s completely reasonable to request no dealership stickers. What I usually do is say no dealer stickers but I am ok with license plate holders (which I take off later). This makes them feel they still get some advertisement. Have...
  3. Anyone else excited for Monday - Wrangler production resuming

    That would be great. Let me know when yours does get shipped.
  4. Anyone else excited for Monday - Wrangler production resuming

    I ordered a 4xE on 6/28. I’m not expecting anything before September/October. If it’s sooner then I’ll just be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Latest 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU Order Guides

    I owned a Toyota trd off road premium for all of about 6 weeks. I hated that car more than any car I’ve ever owned. I couldn’t stand the way it drove and I had the Kdss, hated the dated interior, the outdated infotainment system, etc etc. only car I’ve ever turned that quick, lost money on...
  6. 4xe review by a "Jeep Guy"

    I am a father also (although not a single father). I applaud you for doing great things with your kids, and making sure you pick activities they can be a part of. My 4 and 6 year old loved to off road in our Gladiator. We will begin doing the same again as soon as my 4xE order arrives. Keep...
  7. $3,995 Xtreme Recon Package For Jeep JL Wrangler Unleashed at 2021 Chicago Auto Show

    I would definitely have added this to my 4xE order had it been available for that model. I think this package is a great value. I do understand why it wasn’t due to the added weight of the 4xE though. I also wonder if this won’t be spread across the models if it’s a hot seller. Especially...
  8. Maine to Alaska in a JL - NOT 7860 miles anyway (PT1)

    That sounds like an amazing adventure. Keep us updated. Also gonna need some more pics ha!
  9. Jeep says 4xe sold out??

    I ordered on 6/28. Curious as well!
  10. Hypermiling the 4xe's e-range

    Thanks for this update and the details. Can’t wait to get my 4xE and do the same. I have seen several other forum posts from members getting consistently more than 21 miles of EV range.
  11. Video: Jeep Wrangler 4xe embarrassing people at the drag strip

    I watched all of this yesterday. It was very entertaining. The guy doing the video is fun to watch.
  12. Ceramic Coating on a new Jeep 4xe

    Wow I am surprised by this price. I didn't realize it was so much. I had considered getting it several times but never got quotes. Seriously not trying to be a jerk, but can't you get the whole car repainted for about that price?
  13. selling to vroom

    This was my experience selling my gladiator. I had posted this on the Gladiator forums. I'll repost here. Long story short. Vroom does not use their own vehicles to pick up cars. They subcontract to local companies. That local company is responsible for picking up your vehicle and they have...
  14. Jeep 4XE Compatible Parts & Accessories

    I reached out to Ace Engineering and they stated their rock slider does fit the 4xE wrangler. I also believe a member here has them on their 4xE, I will try to find the post. May want to add to front page as potentially compatible.
  15. Car and Driver trashes the 4xe

    Doesn’t change the fact I am super excited about my custom order 4xE. And for someone who drives six minutes to work like me. It makes perfect sense. And with the tax rebate it’s less for me than a similarly equipped 2L turbo.
  16. 4xe - Tow Package

    You are correct in it definitely does say that when I google as well. However the Max tow gets like 7650 lbs and the Rubicon I believe is 7000 or 7500. Strange it would display that on first google search.
  17. 4xe - Tow Package

    Gladiator tow capacity is around 7,000 pounds depending on model. Rubicon and max tow having the best tow ratings.
  18. 4xe Rubicon Off-Road In Electric Mode

    Thanks for posting the pics. Exactly what I wanted to see as well. Think I’ll go 35s with no lift for a while after I get mine.