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  1. 2020 JL Willys - Bumpy Start

    not to add another problem to your list, but my Willys did NOT come with the ugly sport bumper with aero infills. And looking at @CraigEdWood 's post above, neither did his. So I looked at, and neither the Willys or Willys Sport has that bumper. Have them swap that for the right one...
  2. 4 Way Flashers coming on MANUAL JEEPS

    Only once, but only 500mi on it so far
  3. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    She has arrived!
  4. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    She has arrived!
  5. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    That was my hope, but no luck so far!
  6. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Ordered a 2dr Hydro Blue Willys (coming from my Hydro Blue JKU Rubicon). I don't think I'm going to love the black grille... Any chance anyone has a like-new Hydro Blue grille they would want to swap? I'm in Eastern PA.
  7. Anyone know what this color is - Tuscadero Pearl Coat ?

    In case anyone else was super excited about this color and considering trying to change their order or wait for it to be available, here are links from a few Chrysler Pacificas in Fathom Blue (expected to be the same color)...
  8. Anyone know what this color is - Tuscadero Pearl Coat ?

    You probably saw bikini, since this color isn't officially out for Jeep yet.
  9. Moab Last week 5/9/21 RAZOR Mania!

    Being the widest, and second most experienced, and probably the most well-equipped, we almost always bring up the rear, COVERED in dust! The biggest downfall for sure. I definitely support the beefing up, but it all adds up in weight. Not a big deal, but it sure was nice getting used to...
  10. Anyone know what this color is - Tuscadero Pearl Coat ?

    My salesman, at the end of April, said that Chrysler recently added Fathom Blue, and he thought they would rename it and bring it to the Jeep Lineup soon after.
  11. Moab Last week 5/9/21 RAZOR Mania!

    I went the other way. I bought a 2016 Rubicon and off-roaded it very often the first few years (never at MOAB). Life slowed that down a bit, and being it was a lemon from day one, I was taking it off-road less and less. Then I got together with my now fiancé and she was a big fan of 4-wheeling...
  12. Big price increases??

    Is that not just on the 4xe? I did not see/hear that about the entire line of Wranglers? Edit to add: still shows my MSRP about the same as when I ordered in April, but is obviously not the most reliable source.
  13. Big price increases??

    I don't know what papers you signed, but my papers do not have any such clause. That sounds like a clause applicable to the dealer themselves, but it is not on a single paper I signed. Every paper I signed contains the agreed upon selling price, and is the reason for all of the signatures and...
  14. Big price increases??

    No, part of placing your order and putting a deposit down is to lock in a price as well. My salesman told me if I did not place my order Friday, I would be subject to price increase, so I sent him the deposit and ordered that day. If you did not put a deposit down, it could be harder. If...
  15. Big price increases??

    need to make 3 payments to avoid penalty. Otherwise, agreed.
  16. Big price increases??

    Ash just told me MSRP on everything on the lot. Invoice for forum members. -1% for financing, and -1% for affiliate. Pretty similar story!
  17. Big price increases??

    Criswell told me something similar - If I didn't place my order on Friday, I wouldn't get the deal due to the price increases. Did not tell me what the increase was, or what for.
  18. JLU Willy’s - Remote Proximity Availability

    Just got a quote from the dealer, told me he couldn't add Remote Prox without half doors...
  19. PA Jeepers Be Warned - You can get fined!

    Why stop at Broncos? Everyone apparently wants to be part of the club! lol