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  1. equalizer resets frequently

    I posted this in Tazer area a while back, but noone chimed in... I'm running 11.2.7 firmware on the Tazer. I was very happy with this update that fixed audio issues on the 7" UConnect when using the TurnCam. I'm not sure if this is a Tazer issue or not though. My EQ settings will go to stock...
  2. JLU EQ settings reset (Tazer or 7" UConnect issue?)

    I'm running 11.2.7 firmware on the Tazer. I was very happy with this update that fixed audio issues on the 7" UConnect when using the TurnCam. I'm not sure if this is a Tazer issue or not though. My EQ settings will go to stock (all Flat) and I can't seem to find a common cause. It will...
  3. Installed Bestop Bikini top for the JLU

    I’ve got mine on and love it. If we have a few days of light rain I keep it on and my seats stay dry with the doors off. We had 2 days of hard rain and the seat was a little damp from the sideways rain and a huge puddle on the top I emptied before driving. But not even wet enough to soak through...
  4. Ace Engineering Pro Series with Tire carrier install instructions

    Just an update on my install… went to tow something today and my hitch pin won’t go through both sides. The hole on the passenger side is a bit too low. Pin goes through, but when I put in any hitch, the holes don’t line up. Super happy I drove a few hours to pick something up without a drill...
  5. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    I took a little spring (maybe out of a pen) and put it on a longer screw with a wingnut. Holds it in place but gives some slack for rotating the plate.
  6. Clicking noise when turning.

    I went one notch past torque spec and they clicked while turning as well. Noise stopped after. I’d suggest the same.
  7. Battery terminals

    I did hook up the braided sleeve for my winch. They chewed through that but only the sleeve. That gets to be removed soon to go in for a recall. Fun times.
  8. Battery terminals

    I am the original owner. I’ve racked my brain and couldn’t think of anything I hooked up. Then I remembered, I had a breathalyzer for a year and I’ll bet they just cut it when they uninstalled. I never touched the electronics until it was removed but didn’t notice it til now. Thank you for your...
  9. Battery terminals

    I just opened my hood to jump someone and there was a huge pile of peanuts... it chewed through some wiring covers, but the only thing that looks damaged is the wire on the left. I think everything I wired is to the Aux wires. Does anyone know what is usually connected here stock? I couldn’t...
  10. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    Im debating getting both versions for my JLU hardtop and be able to use with the top off. I see the brackets allow install under the soft top but will it fit under the hardtop when it’s on? I’m thinking I could just pop the crossbars out when the hardtop goes on and leave the brackets. Would...
  11. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    It’s bad enough we have to send them in to fix, but I’m not looking forward to taking my bumper off and back on twice. Maybe I’ll leave it off until it comes back unless it turns into a 4 month repair time. I feel like they should be sending new ones out and asking for a return. They could sell...
  12. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    Can I ask what Yakima mounts you are using for topless? Trying to see where they mount. Im debating something like this vs a foam block.
  13. Dead pedal protection for those of us who like to drive in Reefs

    I haven’t gotten a dead pedal yet but heard they were a bit of a hassle to install. Maybe remove it and plastic dip? I wear Chacos all Summer so they don’t slip off my foot and have good tread but usually that foot is out the door on a peg. I was claustrophobic the first week of winter with the...
  14. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    Can’t wait for this! I have a power tank mounted on my roll bar and it makes the top unable to fold open. Consider one sold when they come out.
  15. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JL / JLU!

    I’m in too. I prefer topless but this would be nice for Winter.
  16. Rear storage option for JLU

    When my doors are off, I set the alarm to lock the tailgate. I never unarm it. Just jump in and go. After driving and stopping, the tailgate is still locked so no need to keep rearming. Works great with the slipstream.
  17. CMM Mirrors 1 month Review

    I went with no ball. I don't fell like hanging a $1000 phone out that exposed off the side. If I want to do a GoPro later, I can add off the existing ball behind the mirror.
  18. Installed Bestop Bikini top for the JLU

    Thanks man. I have the Dlipstream in the back so it probably wouldn’t fit. I’d plan on just using this in the Fall/Spring full time then and Hardtop for Winter. The header is unavailable again so I’ll probably just put the Hardtip back on tonight before the rain starts. I don’t mind a day of...
  19. Installed Bestop Bikini top for the JLU

    I’ve been waiting for this to become available but I can’t get it before the rain on Monday. Can you leave the header on and just snap the top on for emergency downpours or does it wrap around the header? Just thinking this may be nice for Fall with doors off to stay drier or to keep in the...
  20. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    Dang. I keep mine in my left pocket and lost it on traffic with the doors off. Why wasn’t this told to me.