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  1. Radio/navigation issues 2018 wrangler

    It remains to be seen if the other issues will be gone or will persist.
  2. Radio/navigation issues 2018 wrangler

    Update on the update: I got the update installed, and suddenly I get all the middle channels I was missing-but the reception is still not great. So I'm looking into some type of antenna booster-anyone know of anything that would help?
  3. Radio/navigation issues 2018 wrangler

    You are all not alone. My car goes in again for the third radio replacement today-I don't understand what is happening but I get ONE station, the radio just scrolls-yet my other Wrangler gets thirteen stations-we live in a suburb of Boston it's not like there's not a plethora of channels here...
  4. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    My steering issues are 100% fixed! I drove from Massachusetts to NYC, and then across Long Island over a series of days and on the windy, rainy days I could barely control the car, so I felt like I was done playing around with it. Brought it in, wrote out a ten bullet point list and it came...
  5. No sound from speakers

    I also thought maybe the car was picking up Bluetooth from something, so I shut my BT off on the phone-didn't change anything. Was driving so it's not like it was picking up someone else's phone.
  6. No sound from speakers

    My sound didn't return when I chose AM most recently. The first two times it happened that did work. Now, not so much. I can almost guarantee as soon as I pull into the dealer the sound will come back on.
  7. Weird uConnect/Radio issues/fix

    Has anyone had intermittent sound? My radio sound cuts in and out during any type of input, doesn't matter if I have the Iphone plugged in to the USB port, or I'm listening to AM/FM/XM, it's all the same. Some times there's no sound at all, then others it rhymically cuts in and out every 4...
  8. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    I don't know if this has already been answered, but I ordered a 2.5" lift kit today, and the supplier had a relocation bracket for up to 35" tires (for the spare). I think I am going to stick with 32"s, so I am wondering if I even need the relocation bracket? I have the back up camera...would...
  9. Audio cutting in and out

    I've got a myriad of software glitches with my new JLU, and yes, this problem as well. I have the 8.4. Intermittently, the radio has no sound. The screen display is on, works, allows me to select AM/FM/XM/Apple, yet no sound, for any of it. Also, screen back up camera has gone blank a...
  10. Jeep Wave [the hand thing, not the program]

    I'm also in MA and get about an 85% wave return rate. A new phenomenon, at Dunk's if you are behind or in front of a fellow Jeeper, either they buy you coffee or you buy it for them. It's happened to me three times in past few months. That's a perk! It always makes my day. We live in a big...
  11. Sound: Volume Issues [uconnect]

    I got in my 2018 JL this morning after driving it into the garage last night listening to comedy on XM. No radio noise. Screen lights, XM comedy channel showed, but I could twist the volume all the way up and down and nothing. Checked the audio in menu, not set on mute or anything. No...
  12. Fuel tank reading error?

    I filled up, and my gauge read exactly what the earlier poster's did, just above 3/4 of a tank. I'm so confused. I'm not on a hill. Drove from gas station to house, 2-3 miles, still reads 3/4 tank. It is FULL. Something's funky with the software or..??
  13. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    Does anyone have Goodyear Fierce Attitudes mounted on their Jeep? I'd like to see what they look like on the vehicle if you do! I like the look of them and they seem very good wearing/riding tires, but the sidewalls are throwing me a little there's so much going on there...
  14. Power Soft Top Available to Order 6/7! [UPDATE: OPEN NOW and First Confirmed Order!]

    I go through the car wash every week with my power top. No issues. Although, I did change out the super long antenna, it's annoying having them take it off and hand it through my window every time. I bought a short rubber one and it not only looks better I think, it can stay put.
  15. Can dealer refuse to work on Jeep because I didn’t buy there?

    My Cousin Vinny! Great movie. Thanks for that! :clap:
  16. Can dealer refuse to work on Jeep because I didn’t buy there?

    Oh and this was the same dealership that told me I needed new U-joints, and I brought the Jeep to two other mechanics who disagreed and said they had plenty of life left on them. I had recently just done nearly the entire front end...and obviously the U-joints were inspected during that time...
  17. Can dealer refuse to work on Jeep because I didn’t buy there?

    That's just too darned bad if they don't feel like being loyal if you didn't buy it there. I tried working with my local dealer and they completely SUCKED at making a deal on my Wrangler. They were non-responsive, wouldn't answer my questions, wouldn't give me any numbers on my trade even...
  18. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I just wanted to confirm that others are having the same issues I am-I picked up my JLU on Halloween. The steering felt great, tight, no issues for the first 100 miles or so. Then I drove it on the highway to the airport to go on a business trip-and it was rainy and windy-I was literally ALL...