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  1. JL acceleration

    Can't compair a minivan to a jeep. Lots of factors to consider. (Wind, transmission, gearing , outdoor temperatures...)
  2. What make a Rubicon a Rubicon?

    Red dash comes with cloth seats and dark leather :-)
  3. Does this looks normal for a new JL !?

    I own a 2018 Rubicon JL and all was fine till it got realy cold. I live in manitoba in canada and we were at -30 celcius last week. Engine was rumbling like a old lawnmower and lots of blue smoke was comming out of the exhaust. Now my idle is alwase rought ever since.
  4. What Would the Bronco Have to Do to Win You Over

    Well let's see here you would need the following: -4x4 -off road pkg -soft top /hard top options -full size spare -accessory panel -skid plates -quick disconnect -doorless option -proper after market for upgrades -round lights -and must look cool....... So basically I'm sticking with Jeep LOL
  5. How many Jeeps have you owned?

    Yj 1989 TJ unlimited 2004 XJ 1994 JkUR 2011 JlUR 2018.5
  6. 2018 jeep backup camera, stereo ,engine restart in park and wont back up.

    My rear camera is not working as well. Fine one day off and dark screen the other.....going to dealer this friday
  7. Am I the only one who likes my Jeep?

    I'll keep it short I love mine !!!! Loooooove it ! Sold my 2011 jkur for a Jlur and wow what a diffrence. I cant compaire to a 2017 JK but from a 2011 3.8l v6 6speed trany to a 3.6 pentastar with 8speed tranny woooow
  8. My JLUR was hauled off on a flatbed today... 1890 miles

    I did notice that too but don't forget that the average crazy Jeepers on this forum probably knows that owning a Rubicon if you're a serious jeepers is usually the way to go. Not saying that sport or Sahara users are not serious jeepers but the people that complain the most are usually the...
  9. JK hater

    So here's my point of view on this... I remember when I first bought my first JK oh wow people were throwing every single insult they could throw at me. Owning a first-generation Jeep it's taking on the great responsibility. Yes you're driving a 60000 50,000 $40,000 Jeep and guess what they...
  10. Should I ?

    FCA does that all the time !!! Buy back 1 year old the biggest scam in the book. They basicly offer same or more on what is left to pay on it. They do that so they can boost sales for that period but in reality they are just scamming 1 year of payments off you and keeping the...
  11. Steering wheel much is "normal"

    I don't actually own mine yet I should be receiving it in 30 days or so I will let you guys know if it Canadian version is better LOL
  12. Steering wheel much is "normal"

    I have ben driving jeep now for over 12 years...had a YJ .... TJ .... JK....CJ....and now a JL....well soon I will lol.... but one thing I know the play you have on the steering wheel will save all the moving steering components and give you more control over harsh roads .... if it wasn't for...
  13. JL Shipping Backlog and Delays

    Did you get your jeep yet ???
  14. JL Shipping Backlog and Delays

    I'm in the same jlru was ordered on 05/22/18 and now FCA cant even figure out the status......
  15. Rubicon leaning

    Believe it or not all my jeeps leaned ....its a solid axle.... it will never be balanced....
  16. What's taking so long for JL aftermarket parts?

    This is the beauty of being a pioneer of a first generation jeep. You drive it stock for a year or two save up your money and get the mods you want all at the same time and make your jeep a functional off road rig you alwase ever wanted