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  1. Adding the Mopar electric front Swaybar to a Non-Rubicon

    Hey guys - has anyone out there added the Rubicon Electric front Sway bar to a Non- Rubicon? Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Chris
  2. Rubicon Rubicon Red Dash Panels - Like New

    Hey guys - for sale is a set of Rubicon Red Dash Panels. Driver and Passenger Panels. Like New with zero blemishes. $200 plus shipping. Can ship out tomorrow.
  3. Anyone switch out glove box grab handle?

    To whoever wants to swap theirs out. I pulled the trigger and bought the below. It is the Rubicon version with the Wrangler on the handle along with the two bolts.
  4. Virginia SOLD

    Hey guys - For sale is a brand new Rusty's Front Track Bar Mount Brace for the JL & JT. Part# RC-TB7500-JL New is $99. Selling for $60 and I will split the shipping with the buyer (1/2)
  5. Anyone switch out glove box grab handle?

    After a bit of research - I think it is Part # 6AB06TX7AD which is about $75. Chris
  6. Anyone switch out glove box grab handle?

    Since you went to the dealer - was MOPAR 6AB08TX7AD part number correct for the version with Wrangler on it? Thanks, Chris
  7. Aux Switch Decals/Labels - What would you want?

    That would be cool - you would have to have a set configuration tho. Buttons are different shapes along with all the variations labels for each. Tough to keep uniform for everyone.
  8. Custom buttons for the Mopar Auxiliary Switch Bank?

    Hey guys - I messaged Pixel Decal and he is interested in making and asked me to take a poll of what decals/labels that everyone wants. I set up a poll here -
  9. Aux Switch Decals/Labels - What would you want?

    Hey guys - I have messaged PixelDecal about making some factory AUX switch decals to be fitted over each button. He asked me to take a poll to figure out what decals you all would want. I am adding a few options to the poll but feel free to add more below.
  10. Virginia SOLD

    Just posted some pics for you. Chris
  11. Virginia SOLD

    Yup - here you go. Thanks, Chris
  12. Virginia SOLD

    For sale is a JL Mopar Tailgate Table in like new Condition. Zero issues and zero scratches. It is really is like new. Just looking to switch it up and go with the Outback Adventure. $150. Let me know - Thanks, Chris NEW Price: $125 + shipping or local pick-up
  13. Virginia Carolina Metal Masters Jeep JL/JT Side Mirrors w/ball mount delete.

    Hello is this still for sale? I am in Centreville and work in Falls Church - where are you located? Any bumps or scratches? Thanks, Chris
  14. Which wins - New or Old Wheels?

    Is this better -