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  1. 392 Aux switch harnesses

    This makes no sense at all. Dumb if it's true, but I'd suspect the dealer/rep is grossly misinformed or just making excuses. Looks like the harness part number is on the end behind the switch bank. From a sellers' pic, it looks like it's 68321507AC. I don't see it available for sale...
  2. California Synergy front + rear track bar and sector shaft braces

    Removed after about nine months, traded in vehicle - note, front brace will not fit the 392 due to added factory bracing. Includes all hardware, instructions, original sector shaft brace and newly revised one with setscrews, never installed it, new in bag. Missing sector shaft nut (left on old...
  3. Calif smog check w big tires and stock gearing? [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I've never had driving engine rpms checked for CA smog - OBD reading, exhaust reading, visual inspection of emissions components, but that's it? Edit - my bad, guess I’ve never smogged a pre-obd.
  4. What modifications are you planning for your 392?

    Do they actually make C rated 37” ko2s? I’ve only see D and E for sale.
  5. Dealer license plate frames

    I always request they don't install them. It's just free advertising. Seems like about half the population don't care/can't be bothered to change them though, so it works.
  6. California JLU Sting Gray Hardtop and Freedom Panels

    I already have a Trektop so don’t have much immediate use for it. If you’re willing to add $1300 I’d trade, but not sure if it’s worth it to you. Just let me know.
  7. California JLU Sting Gray Hardtop and Freedom Panels

    $2300. Removed after driving home from the dealer, brand new off a 2021. Have a hoist in my garage in Riverside, CA for installation. Could also deliver within reason. I'll post pics if anyone really wants them, but it looks like a sting gray hardtop. Keep in mind if your jeep only came...
  8. 392 Aux switch harnesses

    Here you go, Engine bay, looking straight down side of battery: Passenger footwell kickplate: Both should be easily distinguishable as the ends are bundled with electrical tape, not cloth fabric.
  9. 392 Dana 44 axles beefed up for 392?

    Unfortunately it looks like it's still collared (around 5:18 in the video).
  10. 392 Aux switch harnesses

    Mine are there - engine ones are taped up between the battery and fender, near the base of the battery. Interiors are tucked in the passenger footwell (not behind the glovebox, but in the side kickplate).
  11. Aluminum Steering Box - Anyone knowingly opting to keep theirs?

    Same here. Almost 30k miles on my 2020 JLUR (35” ko2s, 2” lift) with zero steering issues, so I never had the steering box swapped. (if you’re not having any issues you could always see if they’ll order the new box and let you “install it yourself”, just so you have the part)
  12. Trektop front rails

    I just installed a Trektop on my 2021 4 door. Just wondering if the front door rails should be this tight against the front weather seals. Everything else went together fine, but I had to drop the windshield to get the front rails in, and it squashes the top weatherseals a bit when tightened...
  13. What is one of the most overlooked features of your Jeep?

    I think that's specific to the Selec-Trac xfer case.
  14. Getting paddles tires or at least up a dune

    It really depends where you're planning to go. I took my old 3.6 JLUR to Glamis several times. You can easily handle anywhere around the main camps, all around gecko to the washes, and sand highway in 2wd without even airing down. Aired down and 2wd rear locked, up comp hill pretty easy (did...
  15. First oil change on the 392... Information regarding Mopar's alternate oil filter for the 6.4

    I picked up an MO-899 for my first change but haven't done it yet - comparing the sizes and checking your guys' pics, it looks like it's going to be dangerously close to the frame rail, even with the indent on the crossmember. Have you guys who've been running the larger filters noticed any...
  16. HELP! Approaching 3yr/36,000 miles. Should I extend warranty?

    There's probably a good reason they don't offer it anymore ;) (pretty sure they'll be losing money on those lifetime warranties for years to come...once you put a mileage and time limit on them though they become something you will use to something you might)
  17. HELP! Approaching 3yr/36,000 miles. Should I extend warranty?

    I've always looked at extended (or most any type) warranties just like gambling. In the same vein as insurance, it's just a numbers game and the odds are stacked against you. Sure, it might pay off, but there's a greater chance that it won't, otherwise they wouldn't be selling them.
  18. Xtreme recon package 392 - 35s, lift and gearing

    Not sure if anyone knows if the lift will apply to the 392 yet (I'm guessing probably not). 4.56 gears (on 35s) seems like a bit of an overkill for the v8 as well to me.
  19. Xtreme recon package 392 - 35s, lift and gearing

    Yes, of course it is. Larger tires along with the lift.