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  1. Texas New - Auxiliary Switch bank, Auto-Dimming mirror and harness, and more!

    Sure thing - here’s some stuff I sent another person that had a similar request: Here’s the main one, with some folks that shared details on the swap and how they got it working. It might be a good idea to reach out to these folks for some additional details - someone mentioned wiring diagram...
  2. Texas New in Box - Right LED tail light

    Hey sorry for the delay! I haven't sold the light yet. It's only one of the 2 needed (right side). I ended up with multiple due to problems with shipping and these getting broken. They sent me a replacement and I ended up running the "repaired" one. This replacement is new in box. Why I didn't...
  3. Texas New - Auxiliary Switch bank, Auto-Dimming mirror and harness, and more!

    Sent PM, let me know if you'd like more info. :)
  4. Texas New - Auxiliary Switch bank, Auto-Dimming mirror and harness, and more!

    For sale: * SOLD New Auxiliary switch bank install kit (82215798AD). I purchased from another member here that decided not to install. I've since sold my Jeep so it's time for this to go. Original cost ~$325. $275 shipped (SOLD) * New auto dimming mirror and harness. This can be used to add...
  5. Texas New in Box - Right LED tail light

    For sale is a new LED tail light, no sensors. Part number is 55112894AG / 68434889AB. These LED lights are direct plugin capable, but you'll need either resistors or a programmer like a Tazer to run these without fast blinking. They are really a nice upgrade though once done. Asking $200...
  6. Texas Sold - Free to good home - new bumper!

    Hey dude, it’s yours if you can make it down! I’d be willing to meet you in Georgetown starting tomorrow if you can swing it. Would cut your drive down by about 35-40 mins each way...
  7. Texas Sold - Free to good home - new bumper!

    Austin. Thanks for calling that out. Post edited.
  8. Texas Sold - Free to good home - new bumper!

    Local pickup only please (north Austin area). I bought this when Extreme Terrain was having a good sale. This was $65 plus shipping. I unwrapped to get pictures. I decided to go a different route and purchased something else before ever using this.
  9. JLU Sport Dome Light Removal

    That’s right. The lights are soldered on to the board. This upgrade is inexpensive and definitely worth it in my opinion. As someone mentioned on the forum, the only annoying thing about it is the map lights and dome lights are different temperature so different light output. Bright but...
  10. Smittybilt Winch Blow-Out!

    I grabbed this one: The X20 synthetic line. Probably $50 cheaper than I’ve ever seen it so I grabbed it.
  11. Smittybilt Winch Blow-Out!

    Smokin’ deal on solid winches. Just purchased!!
  12. Gobi Rack wait time

    I canceled mine months ago because of delays and fears that because of the backlog, if there were any problems, it would be difficult to get service. Good luck to you all though!

    I’ll take it if the person above doesn’t.
  14. Texas SOLD - Rubicon Premium wheels with K02s for sale

    Up for sale are my 5 Rubicon take off premium wheels and tires. Size is 285/70/R17 (roughly a 33” tire). These have about 6k miles on 4, with a brand new spare. They will be ready on Friday (2/22) and the wife doesn’t want them in the garage long, so let’s make a deal! Picture of the wheel...
  15. WTB Rubicon JL wheels&tires (Austin,TX)

    If that falls through, I’m in Austin and will have a set of the premium wheels and tires by Friday.
  16. Prodigy Performance JL Stage 2 Turbo Kit installed

    For what it’s worth, my vote is on conservative until some of the bugs are sorted out. Run the lower pressure spring. You can always install a heavier spring and retune later. If you run out of injectors, you can burn a hole through a piston or experience detonation, which can break connecting...
  17. 2018 JL sport power door locks

    That install is very clean! Can you please shoot over the links for the universal switches used?
  18. Prodigy Performance JL Stage 2 Turbo Kit installed

    Awesome build, and super happy for you to push ahead on what YOU want, not what others think you should have. Great stuff and wishing the best of luck!! Coming from the turbo 4 world and having some tuning (although only marginally better than total beginner), I'd agree with what many folks...