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  1. How to run Dash Cam hardwire on 2021 JLU?

    Uh oh. I hope giving the camera a full 12V instead of the 5V it expected didn’t damage it. That would suck.
  2. How to run Dash Cam hardwire on 2021 JLU?

    I did the same thing and didn’t pull the battery. The only reason you’d pull the battery is if there’s a risk of shorting it to the vehicle body while working. There’s just no way in hell to do that here unless you get the wrong wire. Note - I’m pretty sure my ignition wire and one of the...
  3. Removable Carpet?

    I pulled mine without removing bolts or trim. It’s pre-slit around the rear seat mounts. Kinda like the drain plug openings in the front.
  4. How to run Dash Cam hardwire on 2021 JLU?

    Just finished my dashcam install. Went with a motorcyle dash cam. Waterproof, and the controller box tucks away. If you're just mounting a standard cam to your windshield and running a power cable, route the power cable to the passenger A-pillar, down to the passenger footwell, and tap into...
  5. Stock Standard JL Rubicon - Help with measurements

    Now we just need to get you hooked on Robertson screws
  6. Thud noise at low speeds new body style sahara

    a 2018 Sahara could be a JL or a JK "New body style" is his way of differentiating between the two. It's a fairly common phrase. Quoting a chassis code is a fairly unique Jeep thing.
  7. JL Wrangler Soft Top & Mopar Torque Values

    There's a torque spec for those? I've just been torquing to german spec. The way I see it, if all you use is the dinky little ratchet they provide, and don't haul ass on it, you should never strip or crack a damn thing. They really just need to be snugged up. The warning is about stripping...
  8. Doorless in Ontario Canada

    Those look great and I like that they are similar to the position and size of standard mirrors. Bet they're far more solid than most hinge mounted mirrors I just hate that they need tools to install and remove. I'd much rather a permanently installed cowl mounted bracket that the mirror...
  9. Doorless in Ontario Canada

    That said, while seemingly legal, I have found it awkward driving without side mirrors. I picked up the CMM mirrors and can say they're worth every penny. What are the CMM mirrors? Does everybody buy from Canadian websites and stores or do you order through the USA? Carolina metal...
  10. What were they thinking?

    White interior on the hard top. ugh. Tan seats and tan soft top aren't (or weren't) colour matched. Not even close. Newer tans (saddle?) might be better. Carpets in the cargo area - should just be all rubber and plastic. Should have had a drain plug and ventilation for the cargo bin -...
  11. Doorless in Ontario Canada

    Yes. Rock solid, no vibration. Easy to mount and unmount. Also provides a RAM ball mount, which I use for a removable brake controller.
  12. Doorless in Ontario Canada

    Rear view mirror is sufficient provided the view is not obstructed. Freedom panels in the storage bag in the cargo area obstructs the view - did that once, do not recommend it. Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8 ( Interestingly, 66(1)(a) of the requires windshield wipers...
  13. JL Rubicon front bumper recommendations?

    I'll be ordering the LOD signature stubby....someday. It's designed for the OEM halogen foglights - BUT have an optional bracket to be compatible with the LEDs. That would suggest that any bumper that supports the halogen foglights should be able to use that optional bracket to mount LEDs.
  14. Is driving with the top down (or off) a deterrent for speeding?

    I find that this happens no matter the configuration. I tend to just....enjoy the drive. The Jeep is a no worries machine. Traffic. Red light. Rain with the top off. Skunk. meh. All just.....part of the experience. This is how you feel more "connected" with the world in a Jeep.
  15. First Preview of Easter Jeep Safari Concepts, Including Magneto Wrangler EV Concept

    I think the ideal design philosophy will be a motor at each wheel. But to preserve the SFA suspension we all know and love (and I guess the rear as well), you can simply tie the driver and passenger sides together with a "fake" solid axle like they did with the 2WD wrangler X and keep the rest...
  16. 2021 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara Vs. Rubicon

    An additional consideration for a Michigander is snow tires. The sahara will need a separate set of snows, or a full tire replacement. A rubicon with KO2s will not. That cuts down that differential a bit.
  17. Hard top w/new buy

    It's not that bad, come on. With a hard top you open the gate, lift the glass. Easy peasy. With the soft top, you open the gate, unclip the soft window sides, and then flip the window up onto the roof. Its one, one, additional step. Two if you count reinstallation. Wait you said "unzip"...
  18. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    That piece of mind is what drove me to the Rubicon. One of my needs is to launch and recover a mid size boat, and often from poorly maintained or just dirt launch ramps. I'm not really a pickup truck fan. But Jeeps. Jeeps I like. I used to launch this beast as a teen with an old 80's GMC...
  19. Rubicon Owners, have you waterproofed your Sway Bar connector?

    Are you sure they didn't? It might not be obvious to us apes how this connector may be sealed. It's claimed by Jeep that all components below 30" are waterproof and everything above that is water resistant. We have a photo of the JL sway bar connector posted here that is pristine inside which...
  20. Removable Carpet?

    I did the same about two years ago and then decided not to put them back in. Being able to just hose out the interior has been rather nice.